cant beat that first blitzball tournament, help!

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User Info: Degalon

5 years ago#1
First time playing this game. Hate blitzball so much.

What difference does it make if I win or lose that first tournament in...Luca, I think it was?

Because no matter what I do, wakkas team just sucks too much to win. Can't pass or shoot because enemy stats are so much better than mine.
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User Info: PokeAMon

5 years ago#2
The prize is a Strength Sphere, and a minor difference in one scene after the tournament. In other words, you don't miss out on much.

Right as the match starts, mash Tri and change the movement mode to manual, so that you don't automatically run into defenders. The goal of the first half is to play keepaway, so that your players can gain Exp and the score will remain close.

Keep passing to everyone but Datto (Tidus and Wakka will do the scoring), making sure to stay on your half of the field. If you feel like it, you can have Tidus try for a goal late in the half, so that he has a chance to score but the Goers have no chance to counter. In general, Tidus should shoot around the 4:40 mark, meaning you should set him up a little earlier so he can rush. Either way, you should enter the second half at most down a goal.

During the intermission, give Tidus Jecht Shot, or Sphere Shot if you don't have the former. Assuming you're using Jecht Shot, make sure you use it before the 2:20 mark, as it takes a while to execute.

After Wakka comes back, have him rush along the bottom of the field and use Venom Shot. Hopefully he scores, but if not, at least keep the score tied. If the game goes to overtime, just play the same; have Wakka try for the golden goal.

User Info: Fallacia

5 years ago#3
If you've obtained Jecht Shot, you can get by with only passing between Tidus and Jassu. Tidus needs to get enough experience to reach level 3 so he can set Jecht Shot (or even Sphere Shot) and Jassu just the only other person on the team that matters if you plan on playing keep-away. Just try to keep Tidus and Jassu on your side of the pool. Jassu can break to one forward and keep the ball, so if at all possible, try to avoid running into both forwards at once. The only problem here is just getting the ball in the first place without the Goers scoring if you don't start with possession.

If you don't have Jecht Shot and have to rely on Sphere Shot, you may need to get lucky by breaking to a single defender and hoping that you have enough Shoot bonus to make it past the keeper. Fortunately, you should actually have enough HP to get off a second sphere shot if you mess up the first one assuming you don't spend too much time swimming around.

Jecht Shot knocks two opposing defenders out of the way in addition to increasing your Shoot, so once Tidus gets the ball in the second half, you can plow toward the goal so long as you manage to only keep two defenders on you. With any luck, your shot will go into the goal. After that, the only concern is for the Goers to lose the ball that first time after you make the point and change possession. If you can get the ball to Jassu on your half of the pool while you're in the lead, you've got the game in the bag. Neither of the forwards have enough attack on their own to beat Jassu's endurance even with the variance in effective vs. actual (50% to 150%) Attack stat. As long as you purposely run into a single forward and choose to dribble, you should be able to shrug off the attack and keep heading back toward your goal. Once they fail an attack, they start swimming back to their half of the pool and won't bother you. This does require you to let both of the forwards and possibly their mid attack Jassu at least once, but once that's done, he should be able to hold on to the ball until the cutscene.

Once Wakka gets in, there are two possibilities. The Goers get the ball and you have to win it back (and get it back to Jassu), or you get the Blitz Off and immediately pass the ball to Jassu.

All of that said, the game assumes that you aren't going to win the tournament. It's made difficult for that purpose. Still, the Strength Sphere is a nice reward even if it isn't necessary or expected of you to win. If you get too frustrated and run into a lot of bad luck, don't feel bad if you just want to skip trying to win. It really isn't expected of you to do so and the game will continue normally whether you win or not with almost no difference at all aside from one or two lines of unspoken NPC dialogue and a single scene where a character is holding a trophy instead of a blitzball.
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User Info: Senta

5 years ago#4
Once you have more control over it, you might just enjoy Blitz Ball..

I know I load up my main save at times, JUST to play a few matches. God I love it...

User Info: Degalon

5 years ago#5
Tried to beat it before work. Tied three to three into 5 overtime rounds, had to just turn ps3 off because I needed to go to work. Blah.
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User Info: ferdk16

5 years ago#6
Just let it go, you'll end up hating the whole game over an optional thing. You don't need to win and the prize is something you can get infinitely by the end of the game (and you'll get a few along the way too) so don't even worry about it.
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User Info: God_of_Magic

5 years ago#7
I'm surprised no one mentioned the "run behind the goal" tactic to get an easier win.
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User Info: Vogyn

5 years ago#8
You'll be eating your words when you realize how fun Blitzball is.

User Info: erict1628

5 years ago#9
God_of_Magic posted...
I'm surprised no one mentioned the "run behind the goal" tactic to get an easier win.

Because it's NOT actually a tactic. How does "run behind the goal" enable you to score? You need to score to win, right? So yeah, NOT a tactic. At. All.
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User Info: Wata_kun

5 years ago#10
I posted a (imo) good tactic some time ago.

On the left it's Jash vs Anbus. EN 7 vs AT 3, so his tackle is worthless. You can take advantage of that, every time you got the ball pass it to Jash: if Anbus bothers you don't worry, choose continue. Go in the direction of Belgerda and make her follow Jash, so Tidus will be free. Be careful, because she can easily steal the ball, stay away enough from her.
Pass to Tidus: now it's Tidus vs Laudia, SH 10 vs CA 8. Shoot and cross your fingers. I was lucky and I scored every time, so it was 3-1 at the end of the first half.
The second half is easier: Jash and Tidus's levels go up and you can use Jecht shot. But there's no need to use it, it's a waste of time. Just shoot normally.
When it's Wakka's time scoring is easier: you can use Venom shot so it's SH 16 (13+3) vs CA 8. I guess you score every time if you're close enough.
I won 6-1, but you can score even more of 6 times. Luka Goers are stronger than Aurochs, but not so much. Albheds are way stronger.
Another one complete! IE2 competition routes guide is uploaded! =)
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