how to say auron

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User Info: auronmonk

4 years ago#1
Jecht pronounces it or-in when they meet in sin but it seems there are many ways please help.

User Info: Yipkendu

4 years ago#2

(Ron as in Ron Weasly)
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User Info: Demonic_Essence

4 years ago#3
I say it like everybody on the game says it.....
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User Info: jakezing33

4 years ago#4
Everybody else.

The fact is, language is determined by its speakers and jecht is sorta outnumbered here.
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User Info: HayanNinja

4 years ago#5
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User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#6
"Awrun" when I am absolutely english. But when I'm playing my Japanese version (which is the only one I have now), I say "Ah-ron".

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User Info: alexponential

4 years ago#7
Just pronounce it as Ja Rule would.

User Info: ferdk16

4 years ago#8
who the hell is Ja Rule?
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User Info: iamthemovie2

4 years ago#9

User Info: alt_reality

4 years ago#10
The pronunciation is an anagram of his name actually...

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