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User Info: zzanmato

3 years ago#1
Since the discussions took place in a topic that wasn't really meant for it (and that one is also purging as we speak), I decided to make the next general challenges topic. Number 12 got archived.

Welcome to the thirteenth General Challenges Topic! A place reserved for all challenge-related endeavor in Final Fantasy X.

Here are the most frequently found challenge abbreviations.

NSG - No Sphere Grid. You can't touch the Sphere Grid during the game.
OSG - Own Sphere Grid. Character may not venture into other player's parts of the grid. Also means you can't use the Expert Sphere Grid.
NS - No Summons. You can't summon except when forced to. (Exceptions: Forced Garuda battle in Besaid, forced fights against Isaaru.)
NC - No Customise. You may not customise any equipment.
NI - No Items. This means the Item, Use and Quick Pockets commands are not allowed inside, and, in Item's case, outside of battle. No Auto-Med/Potion/Phoenix Armor abilities either. You are, however, allowed to use Rikku's Mix overdrive. (Exception: You are forced to use a Grenade against Klikk.)
NO - No Overdrives. Self-explanatory. (Exceptions: You are forced to use Dragon Fang against Sinspawn Ammes and Mix against a Bunyip after getting Rikku.)
NBB - No Blitzball Again, self-explanatory.
NE - No Escape. Escape or Flee commands may not be used.
NNE - No [No Encounters] auto-ability. This one is only used when NE is added.
IE - Initial Equipment. You may not touch the Equip submenu or change equipment in battle.
NZ - No Zanmato. Self-explanatory.
NTQ - No Trio of 9999/Quartet of 9 Overdrives
DA - Dark Aeons
MoC - Mark Of Conquest. Usually means a challenge involves beating up stuff in the Monster Arena.
MFO - Mandatory Fights Only
SCC - Single Character Challenge
T/Y/A/L/W/K/R O - Tidus/Yuna/Auron/Lulu/Wakka/Kimahri/Rikku Only
ANO - Ability Nodes Only
NRI - No Regular Items. ie, no accessing the Items or Quick Pockets commands inside or outside battle. Also, no Auto Phoenix/Med/Potion armor abilities. Use command is allowed.
NSC - No Spare Change
NCW - No Celestial Weapons
RSO - Red Spheres Only. You may only Use Power, Mana, Speed, Ability Spheres, and Fortune Spheres.

By combining these, you can create some very tough, yet possible, challenges. Here are some examples of challenges that have been completed:


Everyone, please feel free to post here with any questions or updates about challenges.

Sphere grid maps:

Standard Sphere Grid:
Expert Sphere Grid:

The maps are not mine, all credit goes to the creator/s.

NOTE 1: If you post your update, please state which challenge you're doing. If you update your challenge after 50/60 posts of your previous one, sometimes we have to watch way back to remember what the challenge was you were doing. Saves a lot of time

NOTE 2: Number 13 is the lucky number for Blitz_Ace470 to finally make BFA eat some dirt.
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User Info: zzanmato

3 years ago#2

The third time I'm starting NSGNSNCNONENNENBB from scratch, third time Yunalesca. Third time I did it the first try. I did it a bit different this time. Instead of keeping a Wakka/Kimahri/Tidus party, I just kept it a Wakka/Tidus party. Two party members is enough to block both Mind Blast and Mega Death. Reason for this was that I couldn't manage to finish the 2nd form with the TKW party, so I allowed Y to Dispel Kimahri's Haste/Protect/Shell, which resulted in a quick demise for him.
And because I decided to double Rikku's HP as well (in the 2nd form), it took way too long to Steal my third Stamina Tablet, and therefor I almost went out of Holy Waters by the time I threw my final Shining Gem. Zombiestrike for Tidus was ok.

Did some capturing, picked up Sleepstrike for Rikku and Wakka, Silencestrike for Tidus, Poisonstrike for Rikku and got all my SOS Haste armours. That went surprisingly fast, only the Haste Ring took over 30 Petrify Grenades. And Blitz, you said you didn't like the Booster Cactuar from Gagazet, but I like it again, it's a nice item-free source of 600+ damage against Elements/Flans/Birds and some other monsters. It's also a lifesaver against full HP Alcyones.

EDIT: Blitz (and others of course), anyone bothered to check the update on the guide yet? For those who didn't know. The guide went through a huge change, it's updated until climbing Gagazet the first time. Every comment (positive or negative) is welcome.
If you win, you get this shiny fiddle made of gold.
But if you lose, the devil gets your soul.

User Info: test_of_valor

3 years ago#3
Expert Sphere Grid map link doesn't work(for me at least) so here is the working one.

Yay for the new general challenge topic ^^

I did check the guide the other day(maybe not thoroughly but still), seems great to me. And of course, great work, zzanmato.
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User Info: EnigmaGamer

3 years ago#5
I'll probably start one on HD Remaster once I get the platinum. Working on getting Rikku and Tidus's stats up to fight Penance Wakka has the needed stats. Still need to get nemesis unlocked(just need a few more captures). Perfect Sphere Master is going to be terrible, but I really knew before getting the remaster that I wanted that platinum.

I was going to do another WONC run with the goal of beating Mark of Conquest and Dark Aeons since I never did those in a NC SCC(I've done MoC with Tidus with customize, but never NC and I didn't have Dark Aeons until the HD Remaster).

As for other restrictions, it'll be just like it was when I did the run on PS2. No Escape, No No Encounters(until BFA goes down) and No Attack Reels(Until BFA is defeated, though with an exception for Anima because I refuse to grind for that battle)

I figured I'd ask about important stuff since I'm pretty rusty with the game when it comes to challenges(or the game in general after not playing for years until the remaster), so I don't remember what stuff I need to grab for Wakka(Auto-Med drop in Via Purifico immediately comes to mind though for Flux), but I don't remember what other drops were important. I don't remember whether I need to farm Workers in Luca for the Hi-Potions and X-Potions.

I don't even remember if I beat the challenge on PS2 since IIRC BFA's delays just destroyed me, but maybe I did beat it or maybe I had missed an important drop(which I know happened when I did AONC and couldn't finish the game because I didn't get a certain armor off Omnis and had to drop NC to beat it with Auron).

The Tidus NC FAQ should work just fine for Wakka when it comes to Mark of Conquest and Dark Aeons, right? (outside of replace S&D/BA with Attack Reels, and whatever Tidus drops with whatever the Wakka equivalent is). I'm not sure the damage difference between the Tidus Overdrives and Wakka's are, so stuff like use a certain amount of S&D I'm not sure what the equivalent amount is for Wakka in Attack Reels. As for why Wakka and not Tidus again, I like Wakka's maingame play a lot more, and I also think Attack Reels should make Dark Aeons easier than S&D.

But not going to start until I have the plat done.

User Info: T-dus

3 years ago#6
EnigmaGamer posted...
But not going to start until I have the plat done.

That was my ideology. But maxing stats is such a pain that I don't even want to touch the disc anymore. I'm probably still gonna lurk here, though.
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User Info: EnigmaGamer

3 years ago#7
I don't know how long it'll take me to get AP trick weapons for Lulu, Auron, and and Kimahri off Ultima Buster(got a weapon for Yuna with all 3 abilities on the first Ultima Buster kill, and I've been using weapons with 2 of the abilities for T/W/R)

Magic is useless postgame, so I didn't bother farming it. I killed Jumbo Flan by using Trio then soloing the rest with Wakka using Attack Reels, then didn't touch the fight again(though I know it's going to be a must for certain SCC bosses). I did all the Dark Aeons with less than 35 luck on T/R and a little over 35 on Wakka and am not going higher than that because 35 is enough for Penance with Ultra Nullall, so there'll be quite little in the way of farming luck for 7 characters. And I'm just filling the grid with as much Agility, Magic Defense, whatever as I can(other than luck) because I don't care about having 255 in everything on a plat run, and I wouldn't be surprised if I would probably have 400-500+ Magic Defense if there wasn't a 255 cap.

User Info: Axel_Switch

3 years ago#8

After a year gone by I gave Greater Sphere another go. On the 3rd try I got foolish and lost with 25 turns left, so that ended my attempts for the day.

IIRC, this is try 21 without phoenix bracer :(

User Info: Blitz_Ace470

3 years ago#9
First off, yay, this is back! Lucky number 13, we'll see if I finish BFA at some point during this thread. I'll only have time to play by the end of the month or so, but still... there's always August. But in August there's beach. So we'll see. xD

Regarding your update, zzan, I have to confess I haven't had the time just yet... I will, soon, though, like I promised.

To the guy that asked about Wakka-Only NC vs Dark Aeons/Nemesis -- yes, my FAQ should be enough. If you're allowing Customise, then I have a foolproof strategy for Dark Anima which is not in the FAQ since I haven't bothered updating it. >_>

User Info: EnigmaGamer

3 years ago#10
I'm guessing it involves low magic defense, element eater, and using doublecast to heal yourself enough for Oblivion. I was actually considering hunting a Break HP limit + Eater armor to do something like that, though I'm not sure if a 255 Magic + low MDef -aga would work for that.

That'll be a long time from now though.
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