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User Info: auntfafajk

8 years ago#1
... Is impossible. Please help.
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User Info: Mr_Manikin52

8 years ago#2

No can do, bro.

User Info: Slashfan10

8 years ago#3

If it is automatic transmission, you can still control how long before it shifts by holding the R2 button down past redline. This enables you to gain a little time because it accelerates faster out of some corners. I did it once a long time ago and it took a very long time to do perfectly. Other than that, just make sure you have your lines down perfectly.

User Info: Martacus_Mk_2

8 years ago#4
I just got a gold on this a couple of days ago. It was very, very, very, very difficult, probably the hardest test to get gold in out of all the B, A, and R license tests (IB, IA, and S are still pending). All I can really say is simply to keep trying over and over and over again. Watch the demo. Follow the racing line as close as you can. Keep trying to beat your ghost whenever you improve your time. Take a break if you need to--your thumbs will thank you.

As far as more specific advice goes:

--If you can cut time by not following the racing line, do so. An example is the first turn. Take it further to the inside than the line shows. You'll cut time and wind up in the same position for the next turn as you would had you followed the line.

--For the second turn, you have to have a feel for the car's handling, I can't describe it better than that. The weight transfer can be tricky: try to take the turn the same way three times and you'll likely get three different results, sliding into the far wall the first time, doing it perfect the second and fishtailing a little the third time.

--Remember the controls are pressure-sensitive. If you see a faded blue line rather than a solid one, that means to ease up a bit on the accelerator. Don't hold it down, but don't let up on the button completely either.

--A gold-rated run will see your car out the tunnel in less than 40 seconds, so if you're not going to make it, save yourself the frustration of seeing yet another "Bronze" win: hit start and select "try again".

You probably know all this stuff already, however. It's simply a matter of gradually honing and refining your runs through the test. And be patient. Just remember, once you get done with the licenses you'll never have to take this section of Trial Mountain so perfectly ever again.

User Info: SpaceWay2007

8 years ago#5
Is there a special award for getting gold in all of the licence exams? I usually get bronze or silver whenever I take the licence exams. But never gold. It's way too difficult!

User Info: gnomefromnome

8 years ago#6
All Gold Prize list

B License Mazda 2000 Miata MX-5 LS
A License Mazda 2002 RX-8
International B License Nissan 2003 Z Concept
International A License Aston Martin 2001 Vanquish V12
S License Dodge 2000 Viper GTS/R Concept Car
R License Subaru 2001 Impreza Rally Car prototype
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User Info: SpaceWay2007

8 years ago#7
So those are the cars unlocked or rewarded when you get all gold in all of the license exams? Maybe that would explain why some of the cars are not on sale.

User Info: gnomefromnome

8 years ago#8
yes, there are also color combinations you can't buy at the dealer also.

check the FAQs for more info
gnome, I insult your hometown with various stereotypes - ActJef1077

User Info: SpaceWay2007

8 years ago#9
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