Miscallenous ?s regarding the game

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User Info: completeboy

5 years ago#1
whats the deal with the background race which starts to show up before you qualify or race?

how can i get rich faster? there was a race in gt4 which lets you win super expensive cars. i think it was capri rally or something, are there any in this one earlier?

i really played a lot of gt3 and enjoyed it as well, i used ae86, miata mx5 j, accidentally sold silvia 13 without checking it out, there is no autosave and that caused me a few race wins too as i closed the game in a haste to take a break. currently running in rx7 inifini iii and the only thing i hate about it is that i got a silver colored car.

currently i am planning to play with won cars only.

i enjoy the qualifying section a lot. makes races a lot more fun and easier.

this game feels real, the ai also makes mistake, ai does seem to me like being more aggressive.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.
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  3. Miscallenous ?s regarding the game

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