PC vs. PSX vs. GBA

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User Info: TanorFaux

6 years ago#1
I was wondering how different is the game between the three systems it's on =) I have the PC Version and was wondering what were the differences between the three of them, if any. ^^
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User Info: BareknuckleRoo

6 years ago#2
For reference, the PC MSDOS version was the original one, and it's probably the best

The PSX version is missing the ability to ride trains (I have never seen one myself, despite the fact that there's a spot on the crimes screen for Hijacking). It's also missing the option to select the female gangsters for some reason (why I have no idea). The CD with the game at least lets you play the ingame music on a CD player if you want (with all the game data stored on track 1).

There's no GBA port of Grand Theft Auto. There is a game called Grand Theft Auto for the GBA, but it's not a port of the first game. It's a very good game, but it's an original game with a health and armor system reminiscent of GTA III, melee weapons like baseball bats and has nothing to do with the original Grand Theft Auto.

What you're probably thinking of is the Game Boy Color port of Grand Theft Auto. It's a technologically impressive game due to it containing the entire maps of the game on a relatively weak handheld console, but it obviously suffers from issues due to it being ported to inferior hardware. The music is absolutely garbage, even by Gameboy standards (look it up on Youtube to see for yourself), and the color quality is horrible compared to the original. It's neat that they were able to port it, but unless you're desperate to be able to play a port the original on a handheld device, you would never want to touch this port aside for novelty factor.
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