Few Questions That Really Bug Me

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User Info: NintendoBoy13

7 years ago#1
Hello everyone, long time harvest moon player here :)
Anyways I had a whole bunch of questions that I never could get a straight answer to..here goes

1. Is it possible to set your birthday to spring, then use the dog glitch to get Karen to a pink heart and get her present. Then get Maria to pink and make sure her affection is highest and get her present (the painting) on my 2nd birthday in year 2?

2. Sometimes the music box stops being able to get dug up completely. I've noticed this happens when someone talks while I'm in the middle of the 10 strikes, or I try to dig it up while I already have one and I can no longer get it. This usually means I must start from a back-up I made, but does this happen to anyone else?

3. I can only get Ann's picture from the 2-6 of Winter, while most others can get it any sunny day of winter, is this only me?

4. Is affection the only thing that goes into my horse and dog's ability during races? Does racing my horse or letting my dog run affect their performance at all?

5. What is the best way to get down to the 3/4 levels of the mine to get the weather vane/power berry? xD

6. Do the lucky bracelet and weather vane give you more chances to have good weather? Do the woolen socks give you more stamina at all?

7. Does wishing for love from the Goddess affect the game?

8. Does the bamboo float event affect the game?

9. Is it the amount of fish you catch, amount of fish you sell, or the amount of time you spend fishing that affects the outcome of the Fisherman's review of you?

10. Is it Basil's friendship or both Basil and Lilia's friendship that affect whether or not you get the power berry?

11. Does the Invincible Katori affect the outcome or prevent your greenhouse from blowing away in typhoons? Does the Turtle Figurine affect the outcome or prevent your greenhouse from blowing away in snowstorms?

12. What is the exact pattern of flowers to plant so that Stu will trade you his marble for one (I've gotten it before but I don't know the exact way to plant them).

13. What is this I hear about wild dogs being in the game? I'm pretty certain that they aren't in HM64..

14. Is it possible to get the 1st-3rd raffle prizes from both the Bakery and the Flower Shop by the time your father comes?

15. The teleporter doesn't exist right? It's just a scene or two you get when you give Rick 1 to 4 Rare Metals?

16. What does giving Rick a Moonlight Stone do?

17. If giving the potion shop master a medicinal herb has him make the first medicine, what makes the other two? Giving him a pontata root?

18. Has anyone ever seen the scene where Grey and Popuri meet late at night? :p

Whoever can answer all of these gets bragging rights for 15 years. :)

Thanks again,

User Info: kiwikenobi

7 years ago#2
I only know a couple of these for certain:

Regarding the music box, I've noticed that I can get one every day for many days. Then suddenly I won't get one. I discovered that simply resetting on the day that you don't get one makes them come back again. Theoretically, you will never miss a music box if you reset whenever they disappear. At least, that has been my experience.

As for the potion shop dealer's medicines, you give him three different things to unlock the three different medicines he sells: the medicinal herb, the poison mushroom, and the pontata root. Only one of each is required.

User Info: scribblykakuloo

7 years ago#3
1. Yes.

2. Happens to me too. I just have to save and restart my N64 usually.

3. You should be able to get Ann's picture any sunny day in winter as soon as her affection reaches the required level. This means you can also get her to trigger the event in the middle of the day, as long as she is just on the tipping point of love. =)

4. You can raise your horse's affection (and therefore stamina) through whistling, petting/brushing, and jumping on/off of it each day. Running around extra doesn't really do anything, although the Carrot does. You don't really need it to win though. Same with your dog; whistle, pick up, feed. Letting it run is cute, but useless.

5. Luck. D= I usually pray to the Video Game goddess, then hope that I get a good run of holes so that I don't have to restart the day completely and feed/brush all my durned cows again. XD

6. Lucky bracelet supposedly tampers with the typhoon probabilities (no confirmation on that though). The weather vane makes Rick like you a little more. I don't know about the woolen socks, but Elli's handkerchief supposedly make your fatigue levels go down slower (again, unconfirmed).

7. My gut says it does, but my hours of testing say no. D= I still wish for love every day anyway. >_>

8. I think it makes affection with your family members go up. =)

9. The amount of fish you crate.

10. Basil only. Give him lots of corn.

11. Like the gifts, maybe. Supposedly they lower the probability, but they're not foolproof.

12. Any pattern, you just need to plant moondrop(yellow) first, have it bloom twice (so 2 patches, one blooms first, then the second blooms after Stu has the first scene) then catmint(pink) in the same way. Stu also has to be your buddy. =)

13. No wild dogs in HM64.

14. Yes, but you've got to buy a ton of cake. And flower seeds. It's not really practical.

15. You only need to give rick 1 rare metal to get the teleporter scene. He never actually perfects it.

16. It makes him happy with you. But nothing in the way of scenes.

17. Medicinal Herb, Poisonous Mushroom, Pontata Root

18. Yes! It was a surprise! I thought I had seen all there was, and the game gave me yet another new development! =D This is why I love HM 64 so much. ^_^

User Info: NintendoBoy13

7 years ago#4
Well thanks for the answers that clears things up. =D Very clear, conciseful answers. Thanks! Oh but one more thing I think I found a glitch within a glitch. If you get Karen to pink heart by showing her your dog numerous times, she will still leave the game in winter even if you have saved the vineyard. Can anyone confirm?

And one other thing xD The event with gray and popuri got me thinking that maybe there is one for each bachelor and bachelorette. Just have to find them :D

User Info: Sam Van Dam

Sam Van Dam
7 years ago#5
1. Yes, it is

2. Yeah, if you get interrupted when digging for it by getting the power berry, or somebody showing up, you'll have to start your 10 digs over. Also, once you given at least one music box to all 5 girls, I believe this clears the glitch and makes you unable to get more.

3. You can get it any sunny, non-festival day in Winter.

4. Just affection, yeah. Riding your horse for hours will do no more for it than mounting and immediately dismounting.

5. Keep going back every day until it happens :P

6. I've heard the bracelet does. No idea about the socks.

7. It gives you +1 for whichever girl currently likes you the most.

8. Probably, but couldn't tell you how.

9. Number of fish shipped I think.

10. I am told it is both, but haven't tested that.

11. This game doesn't have blizzards. The Invincible Katori will reduce the chances of your Greenhouse being destroyed during a typhoon. The Turtle Figurine will reduce your chances of having bad weather, including typhoons.

12. One patch of moondrops for the first scene. One patch of pinkcat mint for the second scene. I don't know how many you need for the last scene where he gives you the marble, I just plant a few plots of each.

13. Yeah, no wild dogs.

14. Yep.

15. Correct, you just get that one scene where it fails.

16. Nothing that I'm aware of.

17. Yeah, pontata root. And maybe edible herb or mushroom? Not sure. I highly doubt it is poison mushroom as somebody else said. I've never given him one of those (as it gives an affection loss) and I've gotten all three many times.

18. Sounds familiar.

User Info: Lord ZhouYu

Lord ZhouYu
7 years ago#6
If it helps with the wild dogs, I remember reading in the manual/a magazine/online/somewhere about having to keep your animals fenced in overnight when they're outside "to keep out wild dogs or wolves", presumably more as a reasoning for its necessity than a mechanical event.

Then again I'm not entirely sure; do you really need your animals to be fenced in at night? One of the fun points about this game is just how many gameplay superstitions it spawns.
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User Info: NintendoBoy13

7 years ago#7
To confirm, it was the poison mushroom for the second potion.

User Info: Rift

7 years ago#8
For item 13, there are no wild dogs visible, however if you don't fence in your animals they will occasionally get sick as though there were.
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User Info: NintendoBoy13

7 years ago#9
Wouldn't they die if a wild dog attacked them? O_o Doesn't make sense to me for a them to get sick from a wild dog attack.

User Info: Sam Van Dam

Sam Van Dam
7 years ago#10

From: NintendoBoy13 | #007
To confirm, it was the poison mushroom for the second potion.

Okay, but I'd be willing to bet that regular mushrooms work too.
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