A number of questions!

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User Info: Sir Fuzzi

Sir Fuzzi
7 years ago#1
A few things, and I'm running the game off of Steam.

1) Is there any way to re-map keys? I'd love to be able to look around-fire with my mouse and move with WASD.

2) Is there any way to get the sound to play off something different? It sounds so hardcore midi right now.

3) Traveling between areas, I remember the 64 version had flavour text, but in this game I just get "ETHEREAL TRAVEL," is there some way to fix this or is this intentional?
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User Info: citronvand

7 years ago#2
Get GZDoom, put the Hexen.wad in the same folder and run the *.exe file.
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  3. A number of questions!

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