What if the Tome of Power was in this game?

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User Info: BowserCuffs

5 years ago#1
Random ideas...


Fists -> Power Fist
Your punches become much slower, but much more powerful, and you hit enemies so hard that the enemies BEHIND them feel it - but only if you manage to actually hit one. Your fist glows with a golden energy.

Timon's Axe -> Vorpal Cleaver
Timon's Axe becomes capable of slicing the very air itself, sending a cutting edge forward. It also doubles in power in melee range, cleaving enemy's heads off upon killing them. The aura changes from blue to red.

Hammer of Retribution -> Hammer of Judgment
The hammer, when used in melee range, hits entire groups of enemies with a shockwave. Used at a range, it homes in on enemies and the explosion is bigger. The Hammer glows white.

Quietus -> Shadowy Quietus
Quietus turns into a black blade radiating red flames. Whenever the Fighter swings this attack, the red bolts it fires out homes in on enemies (ala Bloodscourge). Enemies that die to this attack restore a small portion of the Fighter's health.


Mace of Contrition -> Mace of Penance
The Cleric's mace glows with a holy energy, and all enemies who are hit by this mace have a beam of scalding light home in on them from above (ala Arc of Death, except weaker). Every time this mace hits an enemy, it restores a tiny portion of the Cleric's health.

Serpent Staff -> Staff of Medusa
The Serpent Staff becomes more powerful, firing out four bolts of poison each click as opposed to one, with the poison bolts exploding and dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Melee attacks with the Staff of Medusa petrify enemies in addition to drawing health from them at a faster rate. The weapon's eye changes to a symbol of Medusa's face, and the snakes turn red.

Firestorm -> Flamestrike
Flamestrike is a more powerful form of Firestorm, flames converging on the point where the Cleric is aiming. When they meet, they cause an explosion that damages large groups of enemies. The hands have a larger red glow.

Wraithverge -> Wraithverge Soulstealer
Wraithverge changes its nature completely. Instead of firing souls at the enemy, it draws souls into itself. When you target an enemy, they begin to take rapid damage (kinda like a machine gun). When the enemy dies, their soul is drawn into Wraithverge Soulstealer and the Cleric regains some of his mana.


Sapphire Staff -> Ruby Staff
The sapphire staff is replaced with a ruby. While in this mode, the Ruby Staff fires out three bolts of magic instead of just one bolt.

Shards of Frost -> Cone of Frost
Frost of Shards becomes a rapid-fire spell, sending out a steady spray of ice forward. Centaurs and Slaughtaurs cannot reflect this attack. This overrides the melee function of Shards of Frost entirely.

Arc of Death -> Chain Lightning
Upon Chain Lightning latching onto an enemy, it will also attack all nearby enemies at the same time, for only slightly less damage.

Bloodscourge -> Bloodscourge of the Flame Devil

Bloodscourge fires out a single flame devil instead of its normal attack, which stands in place and mercilessly blasts an enemy in sight with Firestorm. Multiple Flame Devils can be summoned.
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