Who's the hardest boss? (Open to spoilers)

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User Info: Demonic_Essence

3 years ago#11
Mandatory: Lenus 1

Optional : Belzac

I am thinking of my very first play through, because now its all easy, lol.
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User Info: DartDragoon

3 years ago#12
I remeber Grand Jewel and That girl with blue wings being really freaking hard/annoying
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User Info: Rogue_Dragoon

3 years ago#13
Yeah, I'd say Lenus is the toughest mandatory boss for me. She's really fast, and she can use water magic on Dart. It also doesn't help that Meru doesn't have her dragoon form yet. Strangely enough, she gets weaker with a dragoon spirit and the help of a huge sea dragon. Go figure.

Overall... I'd still say Lenus. The Divine Dragon Spirit can be tough, but you have some more options at that point, at least. You can have your additions mastered, and Meru has her dragoon form to heal easily, unlike the Lenus fight.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 years ago#14
Maybe you gave Lenus more of a walloping than she let on, so she was still hurt when she went Dragoon.

Lenus and Divine Dragon Spirit are kind of opposites. With Lenus she'll go berserk if you dragoon, and DDS will just eat you if you don't dragoon. It's pretty much entirely because he can bust out the cannon whenever he wants to.

User Info: FireMage7777

3 years ago#15
I have a special spot of hatred in my heart for Last Kraken
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User Info: eidolon24

3 years ago#16
Jiango, Doel and Lenus. These three always give me trouble whenever I do a challenge run. Especially Jiango. That guy somehow gets to double me and use that stalagmites thing twice and poof, my party's dead.

Doel's Spark Net is ridiculous. I saw it OHKO Rose at full health on one of my playthroughs.

Lenus can be a bit hard but it's manageable. I manage to beat her solo using Meru with Therapy Ring. The battle was too long since Meru only had a Lv. 3 Double Smack but Lenus can't kill Meru.
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User Info: lloyd0117

3 years ago#17
doel in disc 1 killed me a ton of times on my first play. even now, if im underlevelled or on fresh additions, he is tough.

lenus in fletz also gets a mention. probably caused the most game overs in the game's history.
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User Info: Gravitycrasher

3 years ago#18
Well, first time playing Drake the Bandit killed me twice (I was 10.) After that, Django (Jiango) owned me. Then Lenus killed me. In subsequent playthroughs I killed drake and magicked Django to death but Lenus still took me apart. My boyfriend once attempted lenus and she decided to have 7 consecutive rounds. Needless to say he died. She's definitely the hardest mandatory boss.

As far as optional bosses go, I found Kanzas to be the hardest. Fast, strong with both magic and physical attacks, and no weaknesses. He ruined my day unless I kept the most balanced party in the game, or had Albert and Meru to protect/heal.

I never found Faust too difficult. He's more in the category of "tedious boss fights that go down quickly (relatively) but can end at a moments notice," kinda like Ozma or the "Meat Jesus" fight in Shadow Hearts.
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 years ago#19
Did you have anyone wearing a Legend Casque on Faust?

That is essentially his shtick. He can take you out really fast and his health is only exceeded by Melbu Frahma, but his defense is garbage.

As for Lenus, your boyfriend Dragooned, didn't he? That makes Lenus go berserk.

User Info: talksalot006

3 years ago#20
Idk....I mean...Fire D'spec and Rose Storm and Lenus ain't so bad xD.

Same goes for Lenus and Regole, just spam some of that Final Burst.

Of course, I'm an Albert fanboy. I rarely do a run w/o him. Maybe I should....
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