How do I raise dragoon levels?

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User Info: segablaze2

9 years ago#1
I don't know actually how dragoons level up o.o I thought it just happened randoml;y during the game but is their an explanation to this?

User Info: Dante_K13

9 years ago#2
It comes from gaining a certain quantity of SP.
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User Info: grand_kaizer

9 years ago#3
There's a secret SP counter in the game. Once a certain amount of SP is accumulated you gain a D.Level. The Sp bar does not have to be empty or full for it to count, and using dragoon will not take away any from total SP. If you want to level up your dragoons, just use lots of additions that give lots of SP. Simple.
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User Info: segablaze2

9 years ago#4
Wish I could see the SP bar I want meru to level D= also its nice to see that these forums are still active.

User Info: pika25

9 years ago#5
The warrior must have a Dragoon Spirit to start gaining SP. Use Additions that give you the most SP from the list of Additions the warrior currently has. Equip the Spirit Ring (found in Black Castle of Kazas) and use Spirit Potions on the warrior to speed up the training.

User Info: bucketheadsman1

9 years ago#6
even though i have been playing this game since the release day, i never knew how to lvl the dragoons... does anyone know exactly how much sp is needed for each character? that would be helpful with my albert and kongol... =D
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User Info: Wolfwood824

9 years ago#7
CCajes's Character FAQ has a chart that specifies how much SP is needed per level for each character.

User Info: DahlVaughnni

9 years ago#8

segablaze2 posted...
Wish I could see the SP bar I want meru to level D= also its nice to see that these forums are still active.

It's too bad really, Meru is one of the best looking characters ever, but with th psx's horrible graphics, she looks like some weird fat cheerleader ingame lol.

User Info: rose_legend07

9 years ago#9
My big TV was very nice and decided to start showing it's aging signs. Just before the bottom of the TV started to have a big black line through it right where the box for the character name is, I saw a very cool pic (even though the pic was from the 'old school') of Meru. She looked like she had a bow from a big present on her tush, and the warhammer, well, that looked like a sucker stick with an odd colored rectangle on it. For the old PS1 game platform, that was 'high tech' then.
I have to now play the game on my little TV next to my bed; sucks that I can't sit on my gaming couch anymore :(
Adding in, I think Rose's transformation when she uses the special, now that's awesome! Big black bubble of color then whamo! there's the Dragoon Rose!!
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  3. How do I raise dragoon levels?

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