help my game is freezing..(spoiler maybe)

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User Info: chii07chobits

9 years ago#1

im already in disc 2 and i cannot move forward to after i beat Lenus in the Prison Island im playing this in my Ps2 slim.. and i already tried it 5 times!! and even used my old Legend of Dragoon because i have 2 sets of Legend of Dragoon, but still not loading after the experience screen the game won't load at all!!

But i don't know whats happening because i played it a long time ago and i got to disc three ..

anybody??know how to solve these?? it must be not because of the cds because both of them making that freeze in that part of the game.. help!!:cry: i really want to play it..

User Info: Riversider

9 years ago#2
Happened to me too. Came here for advice and was told to not use Dragoon transformation (with any character). Worked perfectly - the game didn't freeze.
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User Info: ArmagedonRox

9 years ago#3
do as river said, dont use dragoon.
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User Info: TizzLe93

9 years ago#4
you might as well just try to get someones ps1 because later in the game (disc 3)
the ps2 is gonna glitch no matter what u do
im sorry officer i didnt know i couldnt do that

User Info: SaiyanAssassin

9 years ago#5
Well my friends, if my topic about this didn't get deleted by some reprobate complaining about spoilers when all I were doing was helping, then you would understand why this is happening

I will clarify it again just for you

To get past all bosses from Lenus as a Dragoon, you can't use Dragoon form in ANY boss battle, or else the game will crash after your exp'+money have rolled up or when you exit the screen you are on

I hope this helps :)

Or just use a PS1 or classic PS2

This only crashes on the Slimline versions

Problem solved :) lol

User Info: grand_kaizer

9 years ago#6
That doesn't happen on every battle after Lenus. I'm sure someone would have complained about it by now if it did, and since all fights beyond Lenus are on disc three and four, it shouldn't have the same error spanning multiple discs. Maybe yours was just an isolated case.
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User Info: chii07chobits

9 years ago#7
Thank you all for all your advices what i did is i did not use any dragoon in Lenus battle im now already in disc 3 in battleling the divine dragon hope it will not crush.Its a hard battle what i think because i died and took a break hahaha... so far so good for me it did not crush anymore after the Lenus fight.. well thanks again a passed from Lenus!! ^_________^

User Info: SaiyanAssassin

9 years ago#8
Mine is the original copy so I don't have a clue...

Maybe that only happened once on the Classics version.

It happens on the original copy on a Slimline on every boss after her.

It made me hate my slimline PS2 lol

User Info: Amarande

9 years ago#9

Does this error also happen to those of you who converted your LoD discs to work with the PSP?

I haven't tried it yet, but it's in my PS1 collection and I have a suitable PSP, so I may well do so eventually :)
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User Info: rininganboy

9 years ago#10
It doesn't always freeze even if it's on a slim PS2. It's usually just bad luck when it does freeze.
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