Phantom Ship - treasure chest with digits -.-

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User Info: TommyKN

9 years ago#1
hey, following i know its ALL random.

first i've got the 4 digits (0458) -> went to savepoint and saved -> tried open the chest, it worked at the fifth try (405) -> got stun guard but wasn't satisfying.

i load my game again and realized the digits changed (0356), nvm, went to the 4 ghosts and got new digits -> and again i managed to open the chest (630) and AGAIN got stun guard :S (more than 4 tries)

so, now i've reloaded again, went to the 4 ghosts and got the nummer 3466 -> went to the room and tried 646 -> got some numbers right -> my SECOND try i got it right with 636 BUT i've got stun guard again!!! am i not supposed to get ulitamte wargod, if i only try twice and get it right the second time???

what's wrong, what did i misunderstood in the faq or what ever...

User Info: Dante_K13

9 years ago#2
If you keep reloading, you will never get an ultimate wargod. You need to open the chest several times. Gp read the phantom chest guide.
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User Info: EmPleh

9 years ago#3
Seriously, the Phantom Chest guide is awesome.

The guy who wrote that must be some kind of god on earth, or something.
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User Info: TommyKN

9 years ago#4
ahem, ok, this question was not necessary :S

User Info: TommyKN

9 years ago#5
thought, there is one thing i want to know.
if i've got the two attempts right and failed the third óne.
and now going to get a new set of digits, without reloading, am i going to get the prize for the third or forth attempt ???
like skipping the prize for the third attempt, since i failed to do it right.

User Info: Lathe

9 years ago#6
You can fail as many times as you want, if that's what you're asking. The prizes are always the same, won in the same order, with the same number of attempts each time (but less attempts for better prizes).
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User Info: Vicerion

9 years ago#7
Basically what they're saying is. You get on the ship, get the numbers. You have ten tries to get the stun guard. After you get the stun guard. Go BACK and get the number against. This time you have EIGHT tries to get the Panic Guard, go back and get the numbers again, this time you have Six tries to get the Ego Bell. Repeat. 4 tries to get the Talisman. And finally, go back again, on the fifth try, you only have to attempts to get the Ultimate Wargod.
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User Info: TommyKN

9 years ago#8
thanks guys for the explanation. i realized there is no need for this struggle -.- still finished it :D

User Info: WindMouseHanpan

9 years ago#9
That's the one part of this game I was never able to do. Just listen to other peoples' advice.

And congrats on making it this far already!
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