Keyboard setup for ePSXe?

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User Info: Eorlas

9 years ago#1
Does anyone here use the emulator with a keyboard? If so, what is your key setup?

User Info: Springwater253

9 years ago#2
square= J
x= K
o= L
triangle= I
R1= O
R2= U
up= W
left= A
down= S
right= D
L1= Q
L2= E
Start= H
Select= F
I put in a shape similar to the controller.
What do I put here?


9 years ago#3
D-Pad-Arrow Keys

it is just convinient for me due to where my fingers normally sit by force of habit from other games
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User Info: donutbandit0

9 years ago#4
Jeez, don't torture yourself trying to play this game on a keyboard. You can get USB/PSX controller converter for just a few bux.
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User Info: Zhou14

9 years ago#5
^ Meh, I don't notice much of a difference.

X- M
Square- J
Triangle- I
Circle- K
L1- Q
L2- A
R1- E
R2- D
Select- Backspace
Start- Enter
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User Info: CrimsonMuffin

9 years ago#8
Saitek P990 ftw
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