Zenebatos Laws

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User Info: ichabod85

6 years ago#1
Is there a list of all of the laws you can revise at Zenebatos? I didn't see anything specific in the faqs. I've found a couple by inputting random numbers but wondered if there was a comprehensive list out there somewhere.

User Info: Cablevision2

6 years ago#2
Article 339 - Turns off shops (DO NOT DO THIS)
Article 410 - Allows teleporter to go to Death City Mayfil
Article 640 - Don't have to wait in line at Legislation Center
Article 666 - Turns off monster encounters in city
Article 659 - Turns off all guards (can't be sent to jail)
Article 703 - Allows passage to the Signet Sphere

Courtesy of Shotgunnova
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User Info: ichabod85

6 years ago#3
Cool I had all of those except for the one to turn off the shops. I was hoping there were more I missed that did fun little things.

User Info: peanutbutterxx

6 years ago#4
I believe its more fun to let the guards chase you. They rarely catch me.
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User Info: pika25

6 years ago#5
What kind of idiot thought of an idea to disable shops? They trying to go out of business?
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User Info: talksalot006

6 years ago#6
I remember stumbling upon code 666 by accident. I thought that was kind of awesome.
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