Who's the hardest boss? (Open to spoilers)

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User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 years ago#1
In two categories. The first one is mandatory bosses only. Optional bosses are banned. The second is altogether except for Faust, though you are free to acknowledge him, you can't pick him.

Also, terms and conditions.

Legend Casque, Armor of Legend, Phantom Shield, and Dragon Shield are banned items. In your assessment, consider that you are NOT wearing any of them.

For mandatory, I guess Lenus and Regole. Not for any particular reason, just that they somehow managed to get me once on this most recent run. I'm not actually sure what happened.

Altogether except Faust, Divine Dragon Spirit. Little bastard loves spamming his cannon and gatling. That stupid cannon hits for about 2,000 damage.

If I'm missing something defensively, by the way, please do let me know. Eating 2,000 damage from DDSC seems wrong somehow.

User Info: talksalot006

3 years ago#2
Weird terms and conditions, though otherwise I'm sure everyone would pick Faust.

I personally find Lenus/Regole easy. I go in with the D-spec ready and use it with Dart, then take out Regole (probs doesn't help that my main party almost always has Al so I can just use Rose Storm, on top of the whole fire-based spec).

For optional, I'd probably agree with the DDS, but Regole's spirit might come close. I don't know why I have issues with his spirit but not him (I might be mixing up my playthroughs, which would make a big difference as I usually do some sort of challenge).

For mandatory I'd say Grand Jewel - off the top of my head. Then again I might be thinking of the first time I fought him. That was intense. But even afterwards he has the Block Staff. Maybe Lenus comes close, but I'd say Grand Jewel first.
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 years ago#3
Exactly. Faust is banned because he's too obvious.

Grand Jewel is not that tough for me. I was able to comfortably take it out using Dart, Meru, and Haschel. That may sound like a strong setup, but you'd be wrong. Dart on Madness Hero, Haschel on Summon 4 Gods, and Meru on a level 2 Hammer Spin. I'd have done it again on the Divine Dragon, but it would've taken about 90 hits to break the Gatling, Cannon, then his face (all 3 pulled about 100 a hit), so I just brought out the big guns to smack him.

I don't use Dragoons that often in the first place, but due to having a black label I'm accustomed to specifically avoiding it against Lenus and Regole. Divine Dragon Spirit would probably be less trouble if I used them (Dragoon Armor + Rose Storm would defend nicely), but I'll have to see.

As for Regole's spirit, there was a bit of tension because I had neglected to restock my items (I was really clogged up with attack items, no room for heals), but he didn't actually do anything terrible. His and Feyrbrand's spirits are kind of flimsy, while DDS is a wall.
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User Info: Yipkendu

3 years ago#5
Emperor Doel at the end of disc 1. Granted, Rose Storm makes any fight laughable. What if you couldn't use Rose Storm?
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User Info: talksalot006

3 years ago#6
I understand blocing out the AoL/LC/PS, but the Dragon Shield is kind of taking it far. I understand that it's an awesome equip, but it's not really part of the original 3 "game brakers." I feel like if we ban Rose Storm then it's just kind of taking it too far. It's kind of like the slippery slope, except we've already kinda started down it. At this rate we might as well take out the bandit/dancers items and the sage's ring, the magic hat, Haschel's final weapon, maybe the Dragon Helm, and that other boot that raises speed by 5 and boosts evasion (can't remember the name but it does something like that),

This is really a function of how easy LoD is to break. Not trying to be a debbie downer o.O. But the hardest boss may very well depend on who you party is and what kind of playthrough you're doing. If you're doing a challenge run (of which there are many types) then you might find a certain boss hard depending on the challlenge. However if you're trying to break the game (not necessary by obtaining any of the above mentioned equips) by maybe getting all of Lavitz's additions or collecting all of the armor or something then you'll probably have a very different experience.

So, that's kind of my TL;DR/Debbie Downer outlook on the situation. Though regardless we'd probably come up with the same list of 5 or so bosses that are pretty hard. I think most of the harder ones have been mentioned. Maybe add the executioner trio in Zenebatos, they can be mean.
That is my theory. talksalot of the LoD board of GameFAQs is, in fact, without a shadow of a doubt, the very apex of our universe as we know it. -Cable

User Info: PSWii63

3 years ago#7
I would say the ghost commander and crew. If you didn't know they all need to die before each respawns that would be an impossible fight

User Info: modca

3 years ago#8
Mandatory bosses: A tough call. Depending on the situation and your party, many bosses can be either a breeze or a pain in the butt. At first I was gonna pick Doel, but once you know what you're doing, you can beat him with your team intact. I'd have to go with Lenus (1st time). Incredibly fast, powerful both physically and magically, and she always, ALWAYS kills at least one of my characters.
After you get Speed Up and Power Up, every single boss is a joke.

Optional Bosses: Of course the title would go to Faust, but if he's not eligible, then I'd say DD Spirit is a good candidate. Even after Power/Speed Up and Power/Speed Down, those consecutive Divine Cannons hurt a lot. And if he's not eligible either, I'd go with the ghost armor at the end of Disc 3. It's pretty strong at that point of the game.

User Info: Sailor_Razor

3 years ago#9
Dragon Shield is borderline. It's one of those "Reduce X by 50%" (in this case Physical) accessories. Destroyer Mace is banned from most of the game on the account that it only shows up in the Moon, leaving little to legitimately use it against. Since the more troublesome attacks are prone to being magic (though I think either Divine Gatling or Divine Cannon is physical), Dragon Shield still sits at borderline. I should amend that to include the Angel Scarf in that list, but I wasn't thinking of it at the time. Come to think, the repeatable items that function on bosses should be right out too.

Polter Knight is kind of a gamble if you're not going full-blitz offensive. He turns from being a nasty force to mildly dangerous the exact moment you trash the Polter Armor. As long as he doesn't throw down a badly placed Night Raid, he won't give a massive amount of trouble.

I've never noticed the Executioners in Zenebatos being particularly tough. Not even if Vector gets super sized. The only point of contest is who you take out first, either the Kubila (casts Can't Combat a la Polter Sword) or Selebus (Heals and super sizes Vector).

User Info: grand_kaizer

3 years ago#10
I'd agree with the Divine Dragon Spirit being the toughest of the optionals.

In terms of brutal mandatory fights? I was stranded on the Grand Jewel fight for days, but on subsequent playthroughs it barely phases me. What does phase me though is Lenus. The first fight, where she gives herself three turns per turn. Sometimes you just don't get the chance to react to her in time, and before you know it you're screwed.
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