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User Info: Chemeleon12

9 years ago#1
Well, I haven't played this game since it came out but I think I'm gonna give it another go. I don't want to try for a perfect game or anything since I actually want to enjoy playing through it again without walkthroughs or spoilers for the stuff I forgot about, but I do want to get some of the important missable items so I'm not compelled to play through it for a 3rd time.

Anyway, if someone could list most of the items that: 1. can only be obtained at a certain point in the game and, 2. are actually useful later on in the game, that would help a lot. Thanks =)

User Info: Mechafanboy

9 years ago#2
off the top of my head,

mei's pendant(get it from her before leaving the first town),

an ivory book(one of the entrances to the mist, iirc the one near snowdrift cave(whilst controlling Noa and before entering the mountain)

possibly mettle gem(fight ??(spoiler) when you get back to the first town after finishing most of the game. careful, it's one on one.)

can't remember anything else off the top of my head that's one time or really needed, maybe some of the icons, but i can't remember where to get them anymore.
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User Info: Kokuei7

9 years ago#3
At the begining of the game where you can explore the world map there are four entrances to Zeto's dungeon. With all three Ra-Seru revived you'll just walk through them normally, but if you try to enter before then you'll be presented with different cut scenes in the valleys with a chest in them.

One you'll have to get as Noa when she leaves Mt Rikuroa or you'll miss it completely. It's a nice item for her for that stage of the game.

That's all I can think of right at the beginning.
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User Info: meth962

9 years ago#4
Darn you people, should really read the forums here! :P

A bit ago I made a perfect guide for you, just a list of all the hidden items you get to enable you to get a "perfect" game. When i say that, I mean 258/260 items because apparently they left out two chests for us :(

No spoilers or walkthrough text is in this thing, just a checklist so here ya go:

I made this list for myself but when I got a 'perfect' 258 I decided to post it up since I still didn't see one like it around. You can email me if you can't find one of the items on the list.
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User Info: Chemeleon12

9 years ago#5
Yeah, I realize there's walkthroughs like that, but like I said, I'm not looking for a perfect game because I think it takes away a bit from the fun of playing through. I'd rather just make sure to get the useful items that can only be found at a certain point in the game.

Seems like the most important ones are the Ivory Book and the Mettle Gem. If anyone can think of any others, that would be great. Mild spoilers are fine; I still remember the basics of the story, the last boss, cort, songi, etc.

User Info: meth962

9 years ago#6
Ah, I agree that perfect games take out some of the fun, but I at least try to get all of the hidden items as they sometimes are well hidden or are based on extra story or new areas. Feels more complete for me I think.

Hrmm as far as items that are useful AND can be missed, make sure you get...

Legendary Rod - Go to Dr. Usha's after reviving the genesis trees at Buma. It's by a bed on one of the floors (has a stuffed teddy bear near it). This item you would only want if you plan to go for the items you can win from fishing (regular rod will do but you will want this one if you need to fish a lot).

Honey - Come back to Rim Elm after you're about 15 to be safe and fight the bees in the tree in the southwest. This item increases all your stats and you can do it over and over but you won't always be able to fight them.

Platinum Card - After saving Drake Castle, go to the room upper-left from the throne room. In here at the northeast corner search with X to find it (It should be at where what looks to be a little window is on the wall). Allows you to see special items for sale.

Point Card - Immediately after leaving Rim Elm for the first time, you can go back to the inn and check the drawer upstairs that use to be locked. This item builds points when you shop and can be used as a devastating attack in battle.

Hope you have good instructions on the Mettle Gem you find in the last dungeon.

That's all that I could think of that can be missed and are useful. I also pulled these from my notes on making my guide:

You already know of the first Ivory Book in the path to the Mist Generator. The other 3 paths hold: Phoenix, Life Water, Nail Glove so they aren't that important.

There is an easily missed Magic Amulet in West Voz Forest which is hidden on a path to the right, just before the bridge grass. Continue to the Genesis tree and check the bush straight north of it for a well hidden Deep Sea Jewel.

East Voz Forest hides an Earth Jewel in the bush north of the genesis tree which is commonly missed too.
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