What's the point of the ghost?

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User Info: Riversider

4 years ago#1
Seriously, what's the point of the damn thing? It just shows up after I leave Level 4 and I have to run around putting it back where it belongs while being unable to enter almost anything. It does nothing to further the plot, it just comes out of nowhere without any warning and if you don't know what to do, then you will run around in circles forever.

And aside from a photo and a magic shell, you don't get anything out of it,

So what is the point of the damn annoyance? It's one the worst cases of stretching a game's playing time that I remember.
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4 years ago#2
Now that you mention it, it would have been nice if he did a little more during or after you have him following you.

I kind of enjoy that part, even though it's pretty pointless and a bit out of the way. You can skip it if it really bothers you. There's a thread somewhere around here that has the deets, unless you know already...


I forgot, in the game or the comic, who was the ghost? Was he someone else that ended up on the island? How does this fit properly in the plot? Would Link end up the same way if I didn't do a zero death run like I've done every single time I've played the game? (ok, just kidding, I'm sure I died a bunch of times when I first played)
It doesn't have to make sense.

User Info: VeryFunTimes

4 years ago#3
It is a privilege to help others.
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User Info: DoomsSD

4 years ago#4
Well you do get a Secret Seashell for helping him out which on its own isn't entirely significant but it can be enough to bump you up to 20 of them and get the Level 2 sword if you'd been making sure to pick up Secret Seashells along the way.
Well, I suppose it's time to get kidnapped again...

User Info: VeryFunTimes

4 years ago#5
It also takes you near the boomerang, which is available soon after getting the flippers (if you've been playing trading game).
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User Info: Riversider

4 years ago#6
If I remember correctly, the hookshot is necessary to get to the statue of the mermaid, where you get the lens. And only with the lens canyou see the guy who trades the boomerang.

I know that I get a seashell and a photo out of the ghost, but that doesn't make it any less random. He comes out of nowhere and just serves to annoy the living daylights out of you. Besides, if you don't know where his house and his grave are, you're screwed. The house you get eventually, since there's only one house on the beach and you pass there constantly, but the grave? The area where it is is completely optional, and you just pass through on your way to the witch hut ONCE (to get the magic powder). If you don't remember having seen the grave then, well...have fun searching your ass off...
One man with an imaginary friend is an idiot. Many men with the same imaginary friend - that's called religion.
Forget religion - atheism forever!

User Info: Rainbowkirby749

4 years ago#7
In comparison, I sequence skipped without realising that going too much further into the game without actually beating the dungeons ruins your chances of completing the ghost sidequest. I want the ghost. I really want it. But I can't get it. (Or, more correctly, I can get to to appear, but it is...glitchy. Very glitchy. Too glitchy to actually allow me to complete the sidequest).
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