Emotional/Deep/Sad quotes from MM

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User Info: doshindude

6 years ago#1
I was looking for a good repository of really emotional quotes from MM...because I think this zelda had the best script of them all. Anybody got any good ones off the top of their head?

User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
6 years ago#2
Cremia: Oh...Good evening.

Romani: We're milking the cows tonight! It's "Chateau Romani". It's the first time I get to drink it! Until now, my sister always said "Wait until you're an adult". But why now?

Cremia: .........You've become an adult now, Romani...I see it in you. I'm acknowledging it.

Romani: Then, does Romani get a mask, too?

Cremia: Well, yes, I'll make one for you...

Cremia: Sleep with me in my bed tonight, OK, Romani?

Romani: Yes, sister.

This scene occurs if you save Romani Ranch from the alien invaders, then go into the barn on the night of the final day. It's sad because Romani is completely oblivious to the fact that everyone's going to die in a few hours, and Cremia is doing everything she can to make her feel appreciated before it happens. I may post more later; this game is full of sad stuff.

User Info: doshindude

6 years ago#3
yeah, this game is loaded with such amazing and powerful quotes, i just cant' remember them all myself.

User Info: WOLFCAT22

6 years ago#4
I always liked that scene. Oh course this is the internet, and people will exploit it. >_>
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User Info: LemonPenguin

6 years ago#5
If you help Kafei get the Sun Mask back, but didn't convince Anju to wait for him. When he returns to the Stockpot Inn:

Kafei: Isn't her bridal dress lovely? We promised each other when we were children that we'd marry on the day of the Carnival of Time...But my promise...I couldn't keep it.

The sad part is that he's risked his life to spend his last few hours alive with his fiance, only to realize he's going to die alone, then blames himself...

User Info: briannabanana14

6 years ago#6
wow, I didn't know that, that's just, wow.
I can't think of too many right now, but I love the part with the ghost twins, I remember one mentioning that the song is the tears he's cried and the other mentioning how he regrets so much.
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User Info: doshindude

6 years ago#7

User Info: Nude_Dude

6 years ago#8

User Info: kirbymuncher

6 years ago#9
Can't remember the quote, but when you fail the sun's mask challenge and kafei gets locked in the hideout :(

User Info: TicTaki

6 years ago#10
Milk Bar owner:

...As you can see, all of our
customers have taken refuge.

It may be my undoing, but I'm the
sort of fellow who'll stay at his
business through thick and thin.

And I continue standing here
at the counter hoping one of my
favorite customers will appear...

And I wasn't wrong.
See? You stopped in.

I almost cried when I first read this. The last night music added to that I think! But still, so sad.
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