Haunted majoras mask cartridge?

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User Info: DarkArk295

7 years ago#1

I find it rather creepy. But propably faked.

User Info: PsychoWolfX

7 years ago#2
Well, I used to find the whole BEN thing pretty cool, but now I'm sick of hearing about it.
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User Info: ShadyAlchemist

7 years ago#3
You say probably like there's a chance it wasn't.

User Info: DarkArk295

7 years ago#4
it is pretty cool, gave me something to do

User Info: DarkWind313

7 years ago#5
Here's the full story, by the way.

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User Info: Skychrome

7 years ago#6

Is this even real? It really sounds made up.

User Info: Axel9875

7 years ago#7
Its so BS its not funny its a rom and the guy used tons of cheats.
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User Info: salty53

7 years ago#8
It's not supposed to be real, people. It's an Alternate Reality Game. Beyond willing suspension of disbelief, it's not supposed to be any more real than any random piece of creepypasta.

Or maybe we're all just idiots who think ghosts and spirits and demons exist but only manifest through one specific N64 game.
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User Info: EnragedSlith

7 years ago#9
At least the ghost ended up in a good game and not something like Superman 64.

User Info: NAU_Trackrunner

7 years ago#10
Is this even real? It really sounds made up.

Oh yeah, it's real. I just went out to a garage sale myself and bought a haunted version of this game. Really spectacular, I highly recommend going out and getting one right away. It's awesome too, because every file is named BEN! What a catchy name!
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  3. Haunted majoras mask cartridge?

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