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User Info: gamer2510

9 years ago#1
Why do people think Gyorg is creepy? He's not that unusual.

(Perhaps this is a parody attempt... maybe not)
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User Info: lemon102

9 years ago#2
The only creepy part was when he ran into you. =P
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User Info: Ex_Nergelo

9 years ago#3
Gyorg wouldn't normally be creepy, but when I was a young lad, I had a very traumatic experience with a pike from the local lake..........
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User Info: ultravaidd

9 years ago#4
He spits out mutant midget fish. MUTANT MIDGET FISH! I'd be creeped out too.
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User Info: SteveStalfos

9 years ago#5
Gyorg's not creepy, but he is a little scary. Moreover the battle with him is pretty intense. Why little sister, who was watching the first time a fought him, would scream every time I went into the water as a Zora to attack him.

User Info: lemon102

9 years ago#6
What, was Gyorg the fish?

I was thinking the guy in the Goron dungeon. XP
I'm a male.

User Info: NFITC1

9 years ago#7
Nah. That's Goht.
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User Info: SymphonicStorm

9 years ago#8
I spent the whole battle wondering what was under the mask.
Looked like a pretty normal fishface, to me. Was it really just a coverup for a gigantic desbreko?
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