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User Info: badbeat3

8 years ago#1
I recently bought a N64, a controller, and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I plugged the N64 into my television, put the cartridge into the N64 slot, and I turned the power on. Instead of playing the game a screen came up saying that this game could not be played without an expansion pack installed onto the N64 and to read the N64 instruction manual for more information. I didn't get an instruction manual with my N64 when I bought it off of Ebay.com and I don't know where to get an expansion pack and/or install it onto my N64. Can someone give me the info I need soon? Thanks in advance.
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User Info: trueknight52

8 years ago#2
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User Info: mister_jmp

8 years ago#3
The expansion pack is installed on the top front of the console. You'll see a plastic cover that can be removed. To install you must first remove the existing module (all black). The expansion pack is red on top.
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User Info: badbeat3

8 years ago#4
Ok well it seems I can't remove the Black expansion pack from my N64. Is there a certain way to remove it or is it just stuck?
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User Info: onininja3000

8 years ago#5
It's a little tough to remove the pack, trust me, but it IS removable.

I had this problem too... kind of. (I lent the game to my sister's boyfriend to play and the expansion pak. Then they break up and I never see my game/ expansion pak again. Oh well)

Anyway, I just downloaded an emulator and can play this game anytime. But I do wish I can play this on a console. :(
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User Info: badbeat3

8 years ago#6
I would try and emulator but since I already have the N64 and Majora's Mask cart then I'm just going to play it legally...If it kills me...Any suggestions how to remove the pack?
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User Info: fluffy_kins

8 years ago#7

hmm...... well I left my N64 in my dorm for the weekend, but I know its right on the top of the console, near the front, and in the center. It is a little difficult to get off, I know because my roommate was trying to stash drugs in there, but anyway. Just play with it for a few mins, you will get it :)

I ordered Majora's Mask for N64 last night and an expansion pak. Yay Im excited!

User Info: Cirevam

8 years ago#8
There's a little slot for a tab to insert on one of the sides of the jumper pak. If you can, see if you can get a coin in there and try to loosen it up. If you can't loosed it with a coin...try something else that'll fit? There was a little plastic tool that came with the N64 specifically for removing the jumper pak, but I doubt you have that. I'd say just try anything you can to leverage it out.
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User Info: NintendoGamerM

8 years ago#9
just take two butter knifes and stick it in and pull it out
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User Info: badbeat3

8 years ago#10
Ok I finally got it out with a pair of tweezers after 10 minutes of fidgeting the pack around. And thanks for the help everybody. I've got an expansion pack ordered off E-bay.com at this very moment so I should be set in a couple of days to play this game. I'm going to lock this topic tomorrow because right now I'm going to bed...Don't want to wait the 5 minutes to lock the topic so bye people. And sorry for making another topic about expansion packs...It probably influenced one of the topics on this board that won't have the best rep in a few days. So badbeat3, out.
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