Emulator problem?

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User Info: geordie3000

8 years ago#1
When I start the emulation on project64 I just get a black screen.

Anyone know what the problem could be?

User Info: NAU_Trackrunner

8 years ago#2
You need the Expansion Pak.
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User Info: ZiggyStardust61

8 years ago#3
go to preferences and click on the graphics prefereces or something. make sure its set to 16 AND 32 bit.

also, have fun. the lens of truth doesn't work and when your on the moon and when you beat a temple the text doesn't show up. but if you watch a video for those parts you can see what they are saying and get through it.

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User Info: kirsybuu

8 years ago#4
Make sure the cartridge isn't crooked, push it in all the way.
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User Info: DarkAcolyte755

8 years ago#5
Lens of truth worked fine for me.

User Info: That_70s_show

8 years ago#6
It all depends where you downloaded the ROM, my ROM for it sucks. Alot of cutscenes are just black screens, the final level on the moon is just a black screen, while transforrming its a black screen.

User Info: whisperinwind

8 years ago#7
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