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User Info: BrotherH12345

7 years ago#1
Hey guys, new to the boards.

I just wanted to share a thought I have about Majora and who he/it actually is. Constantly I hear on zeldawiki, the boards, etc. that Majora is the main antagonist in the game and is the final boss. I just wanted to offer my input and see what people think.

Majora, in my belief, is not the main antagonist of the game, nor is he the final boss. In fact, Majora is not even a character in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

The truth is that the main antagonist and final boss of the game is Majora's Mask, and the evil that resides in Majora's Mask. Inferring from the storyine of the game, Majora's Mask was created by some sorcerer or wizard from the ancient tribe that the Happy Mask Salesman talked about. This sorcerer went by the name of Majora. In the events of MM, Majora is either dead, or somewhere else.

For the most part, I am 99% sure that is true. The only refutation I can think of is that Majora's Mask is like the Deku/Goron/Zora/Fierce Diety mask, and that it houses the soul of the person inside the mask. The only problem I see with that is if that were the case, the Skull Kid would transform into Majora when he put on the mask.

Theorywise, I think it would be really something if Nintendo brought this storyline back, and somehow Majora was the mastermind of the entire Zelda series, with Ganondorf as his puppet. That's just me talking, but I think that would be so epic.

Speaking of the tribe, I know there's a lot of speculation that the ancient tribe that created Majora's Mask were the Twili, and that the Mirror of Twilight is actually the same mirror in the Stone Tower Temple. Perhaps Nintendo is planning to tie MM together with the rest of the series? I'm not sure, but that would mean TP would have to precede MM as well as OoT, which complicates things.


User Info: Scizwrath

7 years ago#2
You can't just make a mask of ultimate evil. Pretty sure the official manga states that majora was a creature who's soul was imprisoned in the mask.

User Info: Goombacrusher

7 years ago#3
The manga isn't cannon
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User Info: BrotherH12345

7 years ago#4
I have to agree with GoombaCrusher07. The manga is too unreliable.

User Info: vistahater44

7 years ago#5
Interesting theory, but I don't know how I would feel about the reorganization of the games. The timeline is so messed up as it is, I think Nintendo should just forget about it.

Anyway, my thoughts: I don't think Majora's Mask was made by one person. The HMS says that the ancient tribe used it for their hexing rituals. So, most likely, it was created by a group of priests or something like them. I say a group because this would explain why the Skull Kid doesn't transform while wearing it. MM may actually be just a vessel that contains an evil spirit that the ancient tribe may have interacted with, instead of containing the mask's creator. This is just speculation from what I've gotten in-game.
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User Info: kirsybuu

7 years ago#6
Pay attention to the names of the final bosses:

The mask houses the evil of its creator(s), then the evil then was incarnated (Incarnation which literally means embodied in flesh or taking on flesh, refers to the conception and birth of a sentient creature (generally a human) who is the material manifestation of an entity, god or force whose original nature is immaterial.)
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User Info: BrotherH12345

7 years ago#7
So, you're saying Majora created the incarnation, or Majora is the incarnation itself? Or is Majora's Incarnation just a physical remnant or copycat of what Majora used to be, back when he was alive?

I dunno, I always imagined Majora as some powerful being that forged the mask, rather than a freaky one-eyed chicken with a squeaky voice.

The thing I loved so much about MM is that it is, or seems to be, much more powerful than the Triforce. It pulls the moon down to Earth! That is much more powerful than anything Ganondorf has ever done. It would be a disappointment to think of Majora as a giant baby.

User Info: kirsybuu

7 years ago#8
The evil inside the mask was incarnated during the fight.
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User Info: BlueGunstarHero

7 years ago#9
The incarnation was not necessarily what Majora was, (I mean some high pitched crazy moonwalker doesn't seem like the ultimate evil to me). I think it can be considered a partial incarnation of what Majora resembled, while still retaining stylistic elements of the Mask (similar to how Link retains certain characteristics when putting on the deku/goron/zora/fierce diety masks).

Interesting thought about Majora being behind it all. Since We don't know when Majora existed and when the Mask was created, who knows how Majora (or the mask) might have interacted with whom, and when. Similarly, I don't think it's too far a stretch for instead of being a plotting mastermind, Majora could perhaps be the reason evil exists in the world to begin with. There was a lot of symbolism in MM, particularly dealing with the dual good/evil, or heaven/hell dynamic (thinking of stone tower specifically, ever notice that when the first room is flipped, the back wall looks like the mask?). This would also lead to Majora being the eventual cause of the actions of Ganondorf, Vaati, and others, but indirectly.

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