What's all this BEN nonsense?

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User Info: ihaveaface

7 years ago#1

I keep hearing about this weird horror story regarding this game and what not. What's going on? Is it some Fanfiction or something? O.o Please fill me in? :@

User Info: Srg_Slaughter

7 years ago#2
You answered your own question, its all nonsense. And the mother ****er that posts "you shouldn't have done that" can go to Hell.
Opinion =/= fact. However, my opinion does = fact.

User Info: ihaveaface

7 years ago#3

Woah woah woah, wait. Clearly I'm missing out on something.

User Info: WOLFCAT22

7 years ago#4
People are getting way to angry about this. Telling people to go to hell? You shouln't have done that.
Do you always have to glare at me like I just drowned your goldfish?"
~Xigbar - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

User Info: Nude_Dude

7 years ago#5
TC, search the freakin' web instead of asking here. Even if you don't know how to use google, this board is literally littered with threads talking about it.

Also, Ben's story is fo' real: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Ben_Needham

User Info: benatkins_2008

7 years ago#6
That happened NINE years before the game was released...

User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
7 years ago#7
It's a story started by someone named Jadusable about a haunted Majora's Mask cartridge.

User Info: TriforceLinkZ

7 years ago#8

for a little story, it has also become probably one of the most influential fanfictions of this game's history...

User Info: Game_Freak_932

7 years ago#9
It's a creepy story (a creepy pasta to be precise, there's a site of the same name with a bunch of them). Just google Ben creepy pasta and you'll find it. Story of a haunted majora's mask cartridge, it's all rather creepy, but obvious fake. Entertaining to share amongst friends though.

User Info: winddrifter86

7 years ago#10
O.O whoa storry freaked me out..


that's a pic of bens mom and their daughter born i think 5 years after ben..

here's where i stopped reading...

"It's taken him years to understand how the trauma of Ben going missing has affected him. "Our feelings were on hold when we were all trying to resolve Ben's case, so your own emotions get waylaid. And then when it starts to fade away, that's when you're left with yourself. If I hadn't been through that experience in Greece, I'd have been mentally stronger and more able to deal with the problems, to work through things." When I asked him how much he thought his adult life has been determined by losing Ben, he said, "It's been destroyed, hasn't it, really?" The one member of the Needham family who never knew Ben is Leighanna, his little sister. As a toddler she resembled Ben so much that they could have been twins. It was this resemblance to Ben that led Kerry to agree, when Leighanna was 21 months old, to go with Christine and Eddie to Kos, to take part in a TV reconstruction. Leighanna was the same age Ben was when he disappeared. Her hair, the same colour as Ben's, was cut short so she would look like him and the TV crew filmed her in Herakles, walking out of the house and on to the lane, to see if it could offer any clues.

She was nearly 14 when I met her last year, but her face still had a childlike quality. She said she remembered going to Kos, and when I asked whether it had felt like a sad experience, she said, "Yep. It was funny, though. There was a cameraman in front of me. I wouldn't go up the road so he told me to follow the duck. I had to follow a toy duck." She went further and faster than they had ever imagined Ben could have done, which chilled her grandparents as they looked on. Leighanna had started to ask questions about Ben when she was around five. "She used to look through the photographs and say, 'Who could be this?'" Kerry said. "Those were her words, 'Who could be this?'"

At school, her missing brother made her an object of special interest. Occasionally she was bullied. Other girls would say they knew where he was, and once, when a hearse went by, a girl said for all she knew Ben could be in it. Leighanna, who says she is "mouthy" like her mother, gave back as good as she got. "
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