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User Info: Manocheese

10 years ago#1
I'm surprised the other topic wasn't spammed to 500 sooner... <copy-paste>

The Uber Challenge has returned (although it never left) and it's better than ever! This time around, I've got a guide, a video, AND a nifty table of contents so people don't say, "you should write a guide for this."


Uber Challenge Restrictions
Uber Challenge Route
Uber Challenge Guide/Video
Hall of Uber Champions
Other Uber Challenge Topics


Welcome to the Uber Challenge! This is a very difficult test of skill for Ocarina of Time players. It's similar to the 3 Heart Challenge, but much tougher. If you think you're a master of this game, put your money where your mouth is and take the Challenge.

====Uber Challenge Restrictions====

Following are the conditions of the Uber Challenge. Basically, you beat the game while following all these. Simple, right? Heh...

-3 hearts, no Heart Pieces whatsoever
-Buy Giant’s Knife and break it ASAP, and use that at all times (except in the Graveyard and while fighting Ganon)
-All Medallions
-1 Bottle
-No deaths (death counter at file select must say 000)
-No Iron Boots
-No capacity upgrades
-No Great Fairy gifts except Magic Meter and Din's Fire
-No Gold Skulltula family gifts from 20 or more Gold Skulltulas
-No Goron Bracelet
-No Fire Arrows
-No Lens of Truth
-No Longshot
-No Silver Scale
-No Zora Tunic
-No Gerudo’s Card
-No Maps or Compasses
-No Biggoron’s Sword
-Cannot use Action Replay, Gameshark, etc.
-Cannot use Crooked Cartridge (touching your game cartridge while playing)
-Cannot use Din’s Fire outside the central room of the Water Temple
-Cannot use Megaton Hammer to attack enemies (exception of stunning Volvagia)
-Cannot use Megaton Hammer outside the Fire Temple
-Cannot use Deku Sticks to attack enemies
-Cannot use power crouch stab
-Cannot use bottle except to show Ruto's Letter to King Zora
-Cannot learn any songs except Song of Time, Zelda’s Lullaby, and Minuet of Forest
-Must have Shadow Medallion before entering Forest Temple
-Must fight Dark Link

Shield Restrictions

You must burn your Deku Shield ASAP. You may not equip another one. You may not obtain a Hylian Shield as a child, but you may obtain a Hylian Shield as an adult. You may only use a Hylian Shield in the following places:

-Central room of Water Temple

Aside from that, while you have a shield equipped, use it as little as possible and destroy it as soon as possible. After completing the Spirit Temple, equip a Hylian Shield and let a Like Like eat it so you can continue without a shield. The optimal locations to destroy your shield are included in the route.


User Info: Manocheese

10 years ago#2
====Uber Challenge Route====

I suggest that you follow this route while playing through the Uber Challenge. It uses minimal backtracking and shows you the best way through the Challenge. It does not detail everything, however. When following the route, make sure to not violate the conditions of the Challenge.


-Deku Tree
-Fairy Ocarina
-Spirit Temple (burn shield ASAP)
-Zelda’s Lullaby
-Dodongo’s Cavern
-Magic Meter
-Golden Scale
-Ruto’s Letter
-Jabu Jabu
-Zora’s River (Magic Bean)
-Adult's Wallet
-Graveyard (plant Magic Bean)
-Ocarina of Time
-Din's Fire
-Temple of Time


-Goron City (Goron Tunic, Giant’s Knife; break immediately)
-Graveyard (Hookshot, Hylian Shield)
-Shadow Temple (feed shield to Like Like ASAP, kill Like Like and retrieve shield)
-Fire Temple
-Minuet of Forest
-Forest Temple
-Water Temple
-Spirit Temple (feed shield to Like Like ASAP, complete, reenter and feed shield to Like Like)
-Temple of Time
-Ganon’s Castle

====Uber Challenge Guide/Video====

I have written a guide for the Uber Challenge. It is located here:


At the request of many who have taken the Uber Challenge, I have made a video of it. Yes, the entire Uber Challenge. You can read about it and download it here:



The Uber Challenge would not be possible without the help of others. I'd like to thank the following people/sites:

Yautja Elder
()_() Hardcore™ - We'll probably be modded for this...
(o.o) http://manocheese.googlepages.com/manocheesery

User Info: Manocheese

10 years ago#3
Oops, can't be leaving my tags open. At least not on this board...

()_() Hardcore™ - We'll probably be modded for this...
(o.o) http://manocheese.googlepages.com/manocheesery

User Info: onininja3000

10 years ago#4
wow... i highly respect you. thats... amazing, ima try, but i saw your youtube video of the cucoo gate jump, holy crap that looks tough. but yeah ill try it
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User Info: Swordless_Link

10 years ago#5
If you have a FAQ for it, why do you keep posting it on the board? Why not just update the FAQ with any new stuff?

User Info: carr_mig

10 years ago#6
I beleive this topic is for people to ask questions and get a response easier and quicker.

I've always thought this challenge was quite awesome, and if I had an N64 right now I might try it. The only way I can access OOT at the moment is the "forbidden way" >.> And I'm sure it's just not the same with some of the tricks. Serious kudos to anyone that does all this stuff, I don't think I'd even have the time or patience to accomplish it all even if I did have an N64 O.O

Hint: "Blue Fire", OOT
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User Info: Nojbo

10 years ago#7
I did not know that carr >>
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User Info: Pyro_Mercenary

10 years ago#8
What about if you HAVE to use the the quest items (IE: goron bracelet, long shot) For that certain thing ---
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User Info: gnerdus

10 years ago#9
You do not need the bracelet with the gauntlets.
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User Info: Sailor_Razor

10 years ago#10
Want a real uber challenge, do this... on Master Quest.
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