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User Info: rasenshuriken45

9 years ago#1
Mine was Dark Link in the water temple fighting yourself is rather challenging.

User Info: justhelpmepleas

9 years ago#2
To me, they're all about the same in terms of difficulty. Which they aren't hard at all anymore.
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User Info: link3233

9 years ago#3
i completly disagree, i think that twinrova was the hardest boss. but none of them are really hard

User Info: link3233

9 years ago#4
i completly disagree. i think twinrova was the hardest, but none of them were really hard.

User Info: Thiago26792

9 years ago#5
Yeah, Twinrova and Dark Link were the hardest.

User Info: KingOfHyrule

9 years ago#6
I had the hardest time with Bongo Bongo when I first played. It took me WEEKS. Second time I played through the game I beat him in five seconds and was wondering what the hell the problem was the first time. He's probably one of the easiest of the adult Link bosses, IMO. For later playthroughs, I think Twinrova probably gets it.
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User Info: Wolfbutter

9 years ago#7
Twinrova, only because it's a little hard to position yourself correctly. The bosses in the game are extremely easy, though. I can do them all without breaking a sweat.

User Info: link593

9 years ago#8
OK, so I lied!
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User Info: Zelda_Glitcha

9 years ago#9
No boss or miniboss in this game is even remotely hard.

User Info: Awakened_Link

9 years ago#10
Boss or Mid-boss? The hardest boss for me was darned Barinade. The hardest mid-boss was, of course, Dark Link.
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