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User Info: Armydillo

9 years ago#1
I turn the lock with the big key and watch the chains unravel, a familiar sight. This is the Shadow temple on master quest, this is my 2nd time through master quest and my 10th(?) file on this game overall. What happened today shocked me more then anything else.
I plunge down the dark threshold with my Goron blade of justice and the umm..."trusty" hover boots. I land on the drum, an ominous booming begins and I notice two disembodied hands, the creature reveals itself, a mutilated shadow scum called Bongo Bongo.

I pierce the left hand with my arrows of justice and then prepare to hit the right but as the camera swings I am bludgeoned by a right hook. I am in shock, "did he actually touch me?" I accept this and put it down to the fact I haven't played Ocarina in a year. I use the lens of truth and the blood red eye zooms towards my spin attack. Suddenly I find myself soaring through the air, "I missed the spin attack?". I splash into the acid and slowly hobble back to the drum. Upon my return I am swatted with the left hand sending me straight back down. Right now my hearts are on low and I have no fairy (only one bottle? wow the ice cavern must have been fun).

I finally strike the beast and slice his eyeball as much as I can. The playing field is even the next successful blow will make me or break me, the right hand grabs me in its clutches (never seen that attack before) and throws me to the ground. As I look up I see the hands preparing to crush me but I halt them with arrows.

Finally, the final showdown. I have the spin ready, I unleash it....."WHAT THE HECK?!". Too soon! I am sent soaring to the back wall and plummet to the acid below, I look through the lens of truth as my last heart slowly decreases. I have been defeated by bongo bongo with 10 years experience under my belt.

In short- I just lost to Bongo Bongo! the SHAME!

User Info: kerrek56

9 years ago#2
Very descriptive but you could have just said "I lost to Bongo-Bongo. I feel humiliated : (." Instead of telling the whole story.
I hate people that quote themselves.-Me

User Info: Armydillo

9 years ago#3
oh....... but the story is the best part, I had no idea that Bongo Bongo could do more then beat the drum. Also I was so shocked I dropped to my knees, in fact I find my loss rather amusing.
Anyone else suffered any shameful moments?

User Info: RPGamerdude

9 years ago#4
That was a good story. Problem was, I started reading, then I saw the tl;dr in the second post. Then I read the rest of the story. I thought you were gonna win before I saw the tl;dr! Man, that was an epic battle, though.

One quick question: "Of Justice"? What are you, some kind of Hero or something?
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User Info: Armydillo

9 years ago#5
Link is the hero of the sword is one of justice. I too thought I was going to win, no worse feeling then trying to run back to the platform and watching my last heart chip away. The main gripe was that I had to run back through the temple (my most hated temple at that) something which has not happened to me in a zelda game for far too long.

User Info: onininja3000

9 years ago#6
heh, nice story. I enjoyed it.
"We shall rule over this land, and we shall call it... this land." -Wash, Firefly. Best Show Ever.

User Info: Astr0_c0w

9 years ago#7
Yeah, well, I lost to Gohma. Multiple times. Well that was on my first play through the game, but still I think it's embarassing, especially now that I can beat her in a matter of seconds.
It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious.

User Info: nerp_king

9 years ago#8
Nice story, but you need to stun Bongo's eye with an arrow before you hit it with your sword. Makes the battle a lot easier. I just don't understand people who insist on using a spin attack to stun him, there's a huge chance that you'll miss.
All bow to the King of Nerps!!!

User Info: FireTemple

9 years ago#9
Honestly, whenever i play though the game again I always seem to lose to Gohma the first time. I don't know what the deal is. I didn't even lose to her the very first time I played tha game!
"When Vin Diesel coughs, people in a three foot radius lose their memories of who they are and where they are going."-RawDawg

User Info: Armydillo

9 years ago#10
Well, with Gohma you only have three hearts, plus in early PAL versions using deku nuts on her could freeze the game.
Also I had no idea you could arrow Bongos eye.....seems kind of obvious thinking about it.

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