Project 64 controls

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User Info: SuperMannsIdol

9 years ago#1
does anyone have a layout of project 64 controls? I have an N64 and the cartridge so it is not illegal.
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User Info: ss__samy

9 years ago#2
Uh...check them yourself in the controller settings?
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User Info: kirbymuncher

9 years ago#3
Actually, roms are still illegal even if you own the game.
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User Info: evil_monkey_kl

9 years ago#4
And if you're too lazy to do that, then:

Keyboard: N64 Controls:

Z = Z

X = A

C = B

A = L

S = S

Enter = Start

Delete = C - Left

End = C - Down

Down = C - Right

Home = C - Up

Right keys = Movement

User Info: exodus122

9 years ago#5
I do my controls kind of wierd.

WASD= Up Left Down Right
Spacebar = Start

On Number Pad:
4 = A
5 = B
6 = R
+ = Z
0 = L
7 = C Left
8 = C Down
9 = C Right
/ = C Up

It's really comfortable though.

User Info: exodus122

9 years ago#6
Notices old topic.

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