Magic Meter Upgrade

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User Info: PainkillerXXI

8 years ago#1
I´m perfectly aware that this has been askes previously, but I have to do this anyhow.

Do you know where can I find the GFF that gives me the extended magic meter? I read somewhere the there is one of these fountains in the Mountain Crater, but I can´t find it. so, is this the great fairy I´m looking for?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: magic_lover100

8 years ago#2
K the first Magic meter upgrade (MMU for this topic) is on TOP of the mountain the second you need to be an adult and it is to the left of the entrance from the top of the mountain, you go over the pit (if you can) and it should be right beside you on the wall (you have to hit it with the goron's "special crop")
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