Zelda Multiplayer?!

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User Info: Skychrome

7 years ago#1

It would be really awesome if Nintendo would update OOT on the Wii Shop for Virtual Console, so that there is a multiplayer mode. I would just really enjoy shooting light arrows at other Links running about. :)

User Info: DeanWhipper

7 years ago#2
Nobody else has ever thought of this!

You're a genius!
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User Info: IPunchChildren

7 years ago#3
Mind = Blown.
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User Info: salty53

7 years ago#4
It would be really awesome if I had a spaceship.

I'd fly around and I don't know what else but spaceships are cool.
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User Info: Skychrome

7 years ago#5

So I guess the Fairy Fountains and buildings would be safe zones, and it could be online? I really think Nintendo should try it. I think a lot more people would play the Wii if it had an online Zelda.

Oh, and Salty, you sound a lot like my Algebra teacher. Maybe you guys can have some fun trying to ruin people's posts. I'm sure you two would have a great time!

User Info: Gali1of1the1sea

7 years ago#6
@Skychrome: I think a lot more people would play the Wii if it had an online Zelda.

No, they probably wouldn't. I don't imagine that anyone who doesn't already play the Wii would be any more enticed to play it if it had an online multiplayer mode. They'd just keep playing Call of Duty.

Not trying to be rude, just trying to be honest.
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User Info: MediaEngine_PRX

7 years ago#7

Already done...kinda o_O

User Info: Okihay

7 years ago#8
I was reading about a multiplayer OoT a long time ago (maybe 4 years) and it was canceled mid production I believe. It was playable, its a shame they didn't release it to the public.

User Info: hylianarmy

7 years ago#9
"Four Swords" would like to have a word with you....
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User Info: KingOfHyrule

7 years ago#10
I was gonna mention that Halo Custom Edition mod. I know it's not Zelda, but whoever made it put a lot of effort into making it genuine--Hyrule Field looks almost exactly the same, as do all the weapons and everything. It's probably as close as we'll ever get.
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