6 sages theory? (Spoilers)

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User Info: Champeon

3 years ago#1
This is probably an old theory but I want to see what people think about it.

The theory is that... all 6 sages are dead.

1) Rauru. Not much is known about him, but he is likely many many years old and thus may have died from old age

2) Saria. Could be implied that she was killed by the monsters in the forest temple.

3) Darunia. Goes to fight Volvagia, and is nowhere to be seen when you fight it.

4) Ruto. Could have been killed by Morpha or Water Temple monsters

5) Nabooru. Dont remember much about it tbh but wasnt she zapped by a spell by twinrova or something? Could have killed her, either way could have died in the spirit temple

6) Impa. Same as Nabooru, dont remember much but could have been killed by bongo bongo or shadow temple monsters.

Of course its entirely possible all of the sages somehow survived, and thats what it took for them to become sages but I've always liked this theory.
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User Info: taytay_yatyat3

3 years ago#2
Nah man you got it all wrong! Ruto drowned obviously!

User Info: justhelpmepleas

3 years ago#3
I always thought they were spirits and no longer regular beings. That's the way I always had it figured anyways.

User Info: Maetch

3 years ago#4
They're all seen together in Hyrule again in the ending, so even if they did originally die, they just came right back.

User Info: Starwind128

3 years ago#5
Somehow I never thought about that....
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User Info: justhelpmepleas

3 years ago#6
They floated across the sky and landed on death mountain and just materialized. I wouldn't call that coming back to life really. Sara herself says something about it's destiny that her and Link can't live in the same world, when you get the forest medallion.

User Info: lalala_la

3 years ago#7
Hmm, I did think it was weird that these rather ordinary people you meet just happen to turn out to be these mystical sages...but if they're dead and are helping you from the afterlife, then that makes a bit more sense.

User Info: HyperSonicClone

3 years ago#8
There's seven sages.

Everyone ignores the Sage of Time for this theory because she disproves it when you try to work her into it.

They also had descendants.
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User Info: Mikisho

3 years ago#9
The game straight up tells you Impa is dead. She has a grave stone in Kakariko.
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User Info: Rikashi

3 years ago#10
Mikisho posted...
The game straight up tells you Impa is dead. She has a grave stone in Kakariko.

She does? I've never seen it before.
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