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User Info: Tenshisama

8 years ago#1
How am I supposed to solve the puzzle in Myght's tower? Aside from looking it up online or methodically (or randomly) trying every combination of walking through doors?

Is there a way to deduce the order (largest to smallest bodies? brightest to darkest? from the sun expanding outward?)

Are there clues anywhere in the game to help out?

What's the deal here?
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User Info: jimmuy

8 years ago#2
was wondering that myself. apparently game arts expects you to just guess.
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User Info: Solidus94

8 years ago#3
I could be wrong, but I believe a note on the wall was meant to provide a hint. However, the dev's screwed up here and left the hint out.
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User Info: CLG

8 years ago#4
Yeah the devs screwed up and forgot to put a hint...My first time through I got lucky and did it fairly quickly but my second time I had to check online. The puzzles in Lunar are difficult, mostly because they're all left without barely any basis on what to do.

User Info: Lil69Leo

8 years ago#5
I duno if it was left on by accident because when you read it. It says something like "todays password is: " then Nall says "Its blank" I think they just wanted us to guess.xD
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
8 years ago#6
I'm not so sure it's a mistake, actually. Game Arts apparently DID include the password on that notice - Prima's unofficial guide for this game appears to be based on a Japanese copy, and in its walkthrough mentions that the note tells you the code (although the guide tells you the code anyway, being what strategy guides do).

Now, it would take no effort to leave the clue in when translating. But the people at Working Designs removed it. And I think I know why. Myght is terribly antisocial. He doesn't WANT visitors. So why would he tell any random John Q. Adventurer how to make it through a puzzle obviously designed to further discourage visitors?

I could be wrong. Even the great minds at Working Designs aren't perfect. But like I said, it is easier to leave something there than to remove something.

And if I am right, then it means: yes, they want you to try trial and error. It's not like they're the first game ever to do that, even with as many options as there are.

And it DOES fit their characterization of Myght to a "T".
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