Good old lunar games, which is the best experience?

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User Info: SequentialSword

6 years ago#1
Console wise that is, I beat lunar legend on gba and loved it, I own the psx version as well, as well as lunar 2 on psx which I have yet to play. I plan on ordering the sega cd versions as well seeing as I recently snagged a sega cd for dirt cheap. I also have silver star harmony on the way LOL. So yes, I need some input. I have heard the psx versions of the lunar games are the dominant ones. I haven't played all the versions so I dunno. Any input would be great.
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User Info: Foxhound3857

6 years ago#2
This one is the best; there's really no comparison.

The Saturn version is darker and has a different feel to it. It's still good though.

The PSP version, which I just bought and am enjoying the hell out of, isn't quite on the level as SSSC was, but so far it's still a great game that takes the best aspects of both SSS and Legends and melds them together. There are noticeable flaws in the new maze layouts and other minor details, but considering the failure that I hold Legends to be, it's a damn good port.

Legends was just...yeah, made me wonder why we can't just leave good things alone.
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User Info: apitman007

6 years ago#3
You seem like the kind of person who is going to play them all so just make sure you start with Silver star story first then play eternal blue no matter what system you start playing them on. Both system's games are awesome but this way you won't have any of the story spoiled.

I'm always envious of people who never played these before. Enjoy!

User Info: Planescaped

6 years ago#4
I played SSSC when it came out and only played Eternal Blue a couple years ago. I didn't even know there was a sequel for a long time. :P

Then I played Eternal blue and had multiple simultaneous joygasims.
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  3. Good old lunar games, which is the best experience?

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