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User Info: rhemorigher

5 years ago#1
Just got this on my laptop again after a long time away. Not doing too great really, not getting many good cards to buy/for antes.

It's a shame it is so tricky to get it working it stands up quite well, would be great if they re-made it (properly). One fight I was against a red deck and every time I summoned a monster the enemy fireballed it to dust. I lost four monsters that way without getting a chance to attack.

Another fight against a blue deck lead to a LOT of counterspells being used on me.

I've had a lot of tough battles from dreadful hands being drawn and those suck but when the enemy is beating you with fun tactics it's enjoyable. Worst part so far was a dungeon in which Power Struggle was in constant effect. So. Many. Annoying. Fights! >.<
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