How do I examine the back of the CD case so I can get Meryl's codec?

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  3. How do I examine the back of the CD case so I can get Meryl's codec?

User Info: Lavos81

9 years ago#1
"Prinny Dood!!!"

User Info: UBCS2

9 years ago#2
Look on the back of the actual case your game came in. It's just one of Kojima's clever tricks he throws into the game. If you don't have the case the codec frequency is 140.15.
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User Info: Boodockisback

9 years ago#3
If you have the Essential Collection, her frequency is on the back of the Cardboard Box the games came in...

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User Info: Lavos81

9 years ago#4
Clever indeed!

I got the solution by reading the codec section of the instruction booklet. I never found any relevance directly linked within the game itself to find the codec. Thanks for the help.
"Prinny Dood!!!"

User Info: Autumn4

9 years ago#5
I remember doing that, I didn't know what the codec was so I actually started from the first number 140.01 or whatever, and kept going up until I found it, it didn't take long because it was a low number.

User Info: highcliff

9 years ago#6
Cough. This one got me too - I remember searching high and low around the tank hangar and outside areas I had access to for some obscure CD case.

When I found out what it was, I was heard to exclaim a rather loud 'DOH!' before reaching for my game case. It caught out quite a few people I know that played this.
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User Info: The_Zink

9 years ago#7
Yeah, I thought he was referring to that data disk thing he gave you... it got me stuck for a while.
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User Info: Druff

9 years ago#8
When MGS1 was new, the first people who figured that out were the people who had played Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Kojima did a similar thing in that game where a couple of characters were being held prisoner in cells and they gave you their frequencies by tapping on their cell wall. But in order to decode the taps you needed the instruction manual.
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User Info: rikkuster26

9 years ago#9
oh i remember this part of the game very well. Every time I played I couldn't figure out what Meryl's code was haha.
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User Info: realfreako

9 years ago#10
Yeah.. I was like trying everything possible while having the disc selected in items. This wouldn't have been bad if the dude didn't give you a disc after telling you to look at the CD case. That's like the biggest trap ever =(
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  3. How do I examine the back of the CD case so I can get Meryl's codec?

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