What MGS 1 Ending did you like the best?

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User Info: Orange_Tiger

8 years ago#1
Good Ending

User Info: wwfbrawler781

8 years ago#2
It's a tough one, because the good (And canon) ending gets you the crappy item, whereas the bad ending gets you the awesome item....

I liked the good ending, but it isn't worth it unless you're playing through the games from 1-4.
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User Info: mohsin28

8 years ago#3
the non-canon one. it seemed much more realistic, and it didnt reduce the game to the hollywood cliche of always having a happily ever after.
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User Info: Dante200X

8 years ago#4
^But the hero is supposed to save the girl! *gets all depressed"
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User Info: Oemenia

8 years ago#5
Bad ending, but then again, it was nice to see the Good ending after having played through the game countless times and then discovering a turbo controller = P
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User Info: SSj7CloudS

8 years ago#6
This one's a tough call, and I'm not taking the item you acquire into account here. I did prefer the non-canon one. I felt it fit better, and didn't feel as cliche as the good ending, the 'happy ever after' deal an all as one poster above stated. I liked the good ending don't get me wrong, it's just I felt the other ending suited more.

User Info: nBa_fAn87

8 years ago#7
I liked the bad ending, plus you got the stealth camouflage.
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User Info: BlitzKing900

8 years ago#8
In my opinion... Bandana > Stealth, if you know your patterns/are any good at infiltration the stealth isnt too useful (outside of fun purposes) The bandana obviously makes extreme BB a walk over due to infinite stun/chaff and bullets, although i get why ppl like stealth better cos you get enough ammo anyway.

I never got Octacons ending until about my 4th run through, luckily i find the torture very easy so i always just chose to save Meryl. The ending still fitted well with the story, and the intense liquid fight and her driving the truck worked well I found, so her ending felt right.

It was strange to hear in Octacons ending, just after you submit to the torture, Naomi (i think) say "Hows Meryl?" and Colonel and Snake go "......" as in how do you think? / what kind of stupid question is that? I loled.
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User Info: GHC

8 years ago#9
I always liked the Meryl ending. Both are good though.
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