Boring Joker Mask.

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User Info: Derpocristo

4 years ago#1
I got a Rocky Ape with 650 INT, I go to the Burnt Altar and I can take ALL items in it,, but they are always Mint Leaf, Half-Eaten, Irritater and Star Prune, NEVER Joker Mask.

Since I have tried like... 80 times? And still got no mask, I was wondering: if I add it to my item with Gameshark, and create a Joker with it, do I unlock the Joker forever?

I don't really like cheating since I'm getting my monsters 100% honestly but I'm not enjoying the game anymore if I'm stuck at the expedition by a freaking % rate.

User Info: penguinkingrc

4 years ago#2
Well with 650 int on your monster that gives you a fairly good chance to get the item but more intelligence would definitely be a plus. Got the item for the first time today after one reload so it seems to depend on luck of the draw and your monster. I was using an Undine with around 820 int.

That being said if you use the Gameshark and get the mask it should unlock the monster for you once you use it in combining. Go out there and make a Joker. They are pretty darn cool.
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User Info: The0neFreeMan

4 years ago#3
800 + seems to bring a good success rate when looking for the mask at least in my experience I tried prior with less and mostly same results as you lol 100 times god that was awful.

But Joker is my favorite breed so worth it.
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