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User Info: Bombspy

8 years ago#1
I decided to play through this a third time and I wanted to get some chars that I've never gotten before. One of those is a centurion (not Europa). I just was able to find a good group of chars to use to promote my soldiers (4 witches) in Scene 13, and now I've promoted at least 10 soldiers with my dragon tamer (who has always been leader) and I'm done with the level now, but I still can't change her to a cent. What am I missing? I also think I have all of the equipment that I need for a cent.
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User Info: Bombspy

8 years ago#2
I'm also level 11 or something and definitely have the stats
If stupidity was a disease, a lot of people would be dead. - AgentZero90
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User Info: Sam Van Dam

Sam Van Dam
8 years ago#3
Not sure if that class is even available until Chapter 3.
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User Info: dino200089

8 years ago#4
aye since the purpose of the class is to lead legions and legions dont come into play til chapter 3 i'd say you cant get them til chapter 3

User Info: bostoncelticsro

8 years ago#5
there is no "level" restricition for centarions (there is a stat cap tho) , but they are correct , u cant acquire them before Chapter 3
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