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User Info: Vodius

8 years ago#1
In the guide it says that you can't get these until Aurua Plains by finding one. It also mentions that you could possibly get one from enemy drops earlier on. I was wondering if anyone has gotten these before at a somewhat early stage in the game. If so, do you remember what map?

FYI, I know Vampires are supposed to be fairly weak and really not worth the trouble, but I started thinking recently about doing two kinds of playthroughs. One, the extremely evil route where you have an army of undead and chaotic aligned characters and Tiamats and, of course, Vampires. The other one being the exact opposite, a kind of holy crusade with lawful aligned units, angels, and Bahamuts and the like.

So, yes. I'm well aware of strengths and weaknesses. Don't lecture me about that. I'm merely trying to create a themed playthrough. Any information from anyone (or additional ideas, for that matter) is appreciated.

User Info: nzdawghaus

8 years ago#2
you need two things to make a vampire. One is a bloody emblem that you can get by talking to a vampire in Mylesia, you can get as many as you want of those. The other is a count's garment, which as far as I know, there is only two of in the game. You can find one in Aurua Plains, and the other is an enemy drop in Fair Heights. I'm pretty sure its an Enchanter unit that drops it, guarding the town in the middle of the map.
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User Info: holeinyourhead

8 years ago#3
Alright, so these are the vampire requirements if you are anyone in this topic would like a quick reference.
ALI: 0-50
VIT: 52
MEN: 63
AGI: 54

Getting the Bloody Emblem: Go to Elegorea, Mylesia with a Chaotic Male
leader. You'll speak to Lestat the Undead. He'll ask you four
questions to see if you're worthy of becoming a Vampire. Your answers
will have to be as such based on the time of day: *Note: Cyric Z list's the times here, but I think it looks ugly, so poof, with the power of a button...GONE!
You may return at any time (with someone besides Troi or one who
already answered the questions) to get more Bloody Emblems. They can
be sold for decent cash.
Getting a Count's Garment: No store sells these, and the first place you
can find one lying around is Aurua Plains, which is quite late in the

You can also get an enemy to drop one, I suppose.

I love doing themed playthroughs. I think everyone has their own way to put a different "flare" into this game somehow. I know I've talked to a few members on this board about different ones, and they're all pretty cool. Mine, for instance, involves me naming every single character in Magnus's group and kind of writing a little back story in my head of who the other characters are, how they got there, that sort of thing.
I do the same with Europea too. I just think whoever she picked to fight with her would be honored. Thats like being asked to fight the religous Super Bowl, you know?

The Lawful and Choatic theme...okay, okay Good and Evil is fun, I started one, though I dont think that was one I finished. On your evil runthrough, make sure to pick up Biskey Boy, as no evil ,war-torn fantasy story is complete without him. If you REALLY have some time to kill, promote a bunch of soldiers to fighters/amazons, and then kill them off to make an army of zombies. I just laughed every time I would go into the organize screen and be greeted by 30 zombies ready to do my bidding.

In regards to the Vampire in a unit, I'd really like to know how you plan to place him. Is he the leader? Who fights with him?

One last note while we are on the topic of undead, WHY NO FEMALE VAMPIRES?!
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User Info: holeinyourhead

8 years ago#4
nzdawghaus, just saw you posted while I was writing.
Didn't mean to steal your thunder.
A thousand apologies, good sir.
The Ogre Battle 64 board loves you
Bring back Kitty Pryde, Marvel!!!!

User Info: Vodius

8 years ago#5
Thanks for your help and input guys. So much for getting 2 handfuls of vampires =/.

I really like the idea of slaughtering your soldiers to get a bunch of zombies at the start. That's a great idea. I had planned on just hunting for a boat load of skeletons and ghosts for a while.

Anyway, how about this? Anyone know of a way to get count's garments/bloody emblems/vampires in a not-so-legit way?

User Info: jukester

8 years ago#6

GameShark codes. I've done it before. You can change any character to any other character. The stats stay the same though, IIRC. Should work for vampires, though I only used it for simple characters that you can get easily anyway. I was just trying to get the Paladins, Sirens, etc at the beginning of the game.
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User Info: KilanderSolari

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Vodius

8 years ago#8
Darn it. It's a shame I don't have a gameshark! Oh well. Thanks again guys!

User Info: KilanderSolari

8 years ago#9

Even vampires have kitchens.
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User Info: mario2000

8 years ago#10
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