Leia sucks.

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User Info: brashflagrant

7 years ago#1
So yeah Leia is pretty terrible. She's at level 26 and both her physical and magic attacks are much weaker than anyone else in my army, even my lone Freya. Her magic is weaker than my ninja masters as well. Is she useful for anything at all? I don't even know what to do with her so I put Leia in the back row with an archmage and Meredia with a Black knight and a swordmaster up front... even though her magic sucks I don't think shes useful for anything else really. Anyone else have any opinions/suggestions on how to use Leia effectively?

User Info: EnragedSlith

7 years ago#2
Give her Aisha or a Priest and put a Pumpkinhead in the back. Fill the other two slots with cannon fodder. Yes, she does suck (which I've only really noticed recently, along with Valks and Freyas) but she does enough to kill enemies that have been softened to 50 or below hp.

User Info: EnragedSlith

7 years ago#3
I just wanted to add, that it was an odd decision to give the female versatility class horrible stat growth, particularly compared to their awesome Ninja Master counterparts who completely outperform them in every single aspect of the game. The only marginal benefit Freyas have over the ninjas is the fact that elemental spears are much more common than claws, particularly mid-game. I suppose their only real purpose is providing lawful-unit spellcasting for players who don't like to exchange soldiers between units.

User Info: dino200089

7 years ago#4
isnt that obvious ?
she a woman........lol jk jk

User Info: VideoGamer992

7 years ago#5
Meredia and Aisha must therefore be men...
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User Info: jukester

7 years ago#6
I give her Meredia. Leia and a Freya in the front, Meredia and two Sirens in the back.

I've had no problems with them.
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User Info: redtide1962

7 years ago#7
Priest Pumpkinhead Leia (back row)
Witch Cataphract (middle row)

the first round of attacks is usually worthless until the pumpkin shower, but after that . . .

Leia kills pretty much anything that was hit by two or more pumpkins with her second attack
witch paralyzes whatever leia cannot reach before the pumpkin shower and dodges physicals
cataphract attacks single targets, occasionally finishing something after a shower
priest heals either front row + pumpkin, or back row + cataphract (or she heals a square block -- always includes the pumpkin though)

it one-rounds pretty much any boss in this game, cripples any regular enemy unit, and is almost guaranteed to wipe out any enemy unit in two battles, despite having only two real attackers (usually leia gets 1-2 kills in the first battle, then the cataphract gets 0 or 1 kills in the second battle, and either leia or the pumpkinhead will kill the last 1-2 enemies in the second battle)

anyway, this is what I like to do with my failure characters. Like if I have witches/sorceresses that end up underleveled or lawfully aligned, or both, I'll make one into a priest and leave the other as a witch (especially if she's stuck there), and slam them together with pumpkinhead and some other underperforming characters that are easily changed into a cataphract, freya or centurion, and led by a fail special character like Leia.



User Info: EnragedSlith

7 years ago#8
Priest + Pumpkinhead in the back row will clean house no matter what unit you put them in.

User Info: holeinyourhead

7 years ago#9
I'm w/ Jukester in the fact that I pair Leia w/ Meredia. It just seems so wrong that they wouldn't be fighting together.
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User Info: JGPJR79

7 years ago#10
I guess you could just... Not used her at all until her promotion. lol
I think her stats will be a little better... A little. @_@
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