Is this game rare or expensive?

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  3. Is this game rare or expensive?

User Info: arkelius

6 years ago#1
I like to know the rarity of this game

User Info: BUM

6 years ago#2
It's fairly rare, and probably among the rarest of N64 games.

User Info: necronium

6 years ago#3
yes it is rare as far as cartridges go, which will increase its price quite a bit. but good news is if you have a wii you can buy it on the virtual console and it comes out to like 10 bucks
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User Info: Demonical

6 years ago#4
eBay. It's always for sale on there, at various prices and differing features.

Like most often you can buy a used cart that was previously a video game store rental, and usually that comes with no box or instruction manual. Those will go anywhere from $20-$35.

Or you can buy a complete game, mint condition and you'd be looking something like $75 and up...

I own something like 5 copies, but I still check eBay for bargains.

User Info: WebsandWigs

6 years ago#5
I own something like 5 copies, but I still check eBay for bargains.

What, why? Stop hoarding all the games, man!

User Info: engimaman

6 years ago#6
really now, how rude!
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User Info: codysan87

6 years ago#7
He's preparing for the end of the world, eternity is a long time after all. They'll wear out. I say good thinking!
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User Info: bostoncelticsro

6 years ago#8
my n64 died before my cartridge did , how many n64's do u have?
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User Info: Clan57

6 years ago#9
yea pretty rare. When I first started playing this game I rented it probably 20 times because I couldn't find it in stores anywhere. By the time I had discovered it, it had already been discontinued.

At the time my parents were all scared of buying stuff online for security reasons so eBay wasn't an option...I must have spent 2 years looking for it in total. Finally, my parents bought it for me for christmas, they had found it used at a microplay. I was one happy kid.

You can usually find them on ebay for $40-100, depending on whether or not the manual/case is included and their condition.
Ogre Battle 64

User Info: stabito

6 years ago#10
hey i got my copy from microplay too although that was like 8 years ago maybe tc should look there if there is one near him
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  3. Is this game rare or expensive?

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