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User Info: BiohazardKoala

5 years ago#1
Hey all -

You may have noticed that this is my third or fourth post in the past few weeks. I'm playing through the game again after not playing since 2002. This time I'm doing my ideal play through. Just wanted to say thanks for the help so far.

Having said that, I'd like just one more black knight in my batallion. I've had 2 since around the Sable Lowlands, but as I've read before, valiant mantles are limited. Is there any place I can find these (reliable or not) after the Lowlands? I just finished the scene where you get Debonair. If I head back to the Sable Lowlands, can I find any on the map? I think I only found one on the map and one from an enemy. Thanks again.
They have escaped into the mansion where they thought it was safe.

User Info: FatherRussia

5 years ago#2
If you decided to go low cf/no zenobians you can still get Carth (who is in my opinion one of the coolest character models in the game) in Ptia. Afraid if you went high CF he is off the table. I'm fairly sure It is possible to L&P non-leader Black Knights, but that is always tricky, and it might take a couple of reloads to work out.

I believe after sable lowlands you have collected all the valiant mantles that regularly appear (one is on the map as a drop, and I believe two units drop them in that scene) so you have pretty much no way to get a valiant mantle that is not already attached to a black knight. I can never decide who to L&P but black knights are pretty great choices.

User Info: BaldwinGlendale

5 years ago#3
I use L&P only for Black Knights or Angel Knigths/Seraphs.

You should the same.

User Info: BiohazardKoala

5 years ago#4
Yeah I just Love and Peaced a Black Knight. I have one L&P left and want to try for a Seraph. What's the best way to go about this. I'm chapter 4 scene 2 at the moment.
They have escaped into the mansion where they thought it was safe.

User Info: debonairdarklin

5 years ago#5
with 8 love & peaces, i got 4 angel knights and 4 saturos'. i got 8 L&P from fighting neutral gorgon's to get 1 composite bow, it just would not happen.
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User Info: Demonical

5 years ago#6
I only use L&P on Black Knights. You can get a BK for every L&P you collect in the game, as long as you know which units to target. Always target units that have a BK as unit leader, and have 2 other BKs in the unit.

Strategically, you must attack this unit, with a unit structured to kill the leader first, and then both of the other characters, leaving the other BKs alive, then immediately retreat, pause, attempt L&P recruitment. And if it doesn't work, I reset and retry, as many times as is required to get that BK to join.

Btw, when I go to Sable Lowlands, if I go through there without getting 3 Valiant Mantles, then I also reset the game and replay that area as many times as necessary until I get the 3 V.M.s that are available there.

Ultimately I think the swordmaster is the single best male character in the game (not named Ankiseth, Magnus, Destin etc...), but the Black Knight is the Uber-Coolest.

User Info: FoxyAreku

5 years ago#7
Save a love and peace for a saturos. Using love and peace on angel knights is a huge waste when you can just go buy a needle of light, sell all your old cloth (to prevent zombification), and kill off a chick you aren't using.

It's so easy, no idea why people are that lazy to waste their love and peaces on them.

They get better stats when you get them yourself anyway.
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User Info: Demonical

5 years ago#8
^ Dumb question: where do you buy the needle of light?

User Info: BaldwinGlendale

5 years ago#9
Saturos are lame. Even Skeletons are better.

My Skeleton :

My Saturos :

The Skeleton deals more dmg, and he can't die except from a virtue attack.

User Info: FatherRussia

5 years ago#10
Saturos are pretty cool though!

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