OB 64 is not my best game ever anymore

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User Info: BaldwinGlendale

5 years ago#1
It was. When I discovered this jewel of gameplay, scenario and all, I fell in love with this game. I still love it. But I recently played Fire Emblem : Seisen no Kenfu on SNES. I liked Fire Emblem games a lot, but this one is not like the others. It takes 3-4 hours to end a chapter, the storyline is awesome (could easily be a Game of Thrones book), the characters have so much personality, you can make couples and the second generation will inherit skills from the parents, and of course the permanent death system makes it really really hard. That's why I prefer it over Ogre Battle 64, because OB64 is too easy.

I will continue playing both of them though, as they are my two favorite games ever.

User Info: jukester

5 years ago#2
Interesting... I can see how that system would be... infinitely appealing. Hm...

However, to make OB64 harder, it's more of a playstyle switch than anything. No units can use Attack Leader, perhaps you put a cap on how many Sirens/Archmages you can have or something... but self-imposed limits help here. I love this game because it can be played however you want it to be played, so if you WANT to make this game awesome, it can and will be.

Nonetheless, I'll be checking out that Fire Emblem game. I didn't really like the one I played, though. The gameplay itself was fun, but the story didn't keep me going. Plus, it was tough for me to adjust to 1v1 strat RPG battles instead of units.
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User Info: BaldwinGlendale

5 years ago#3
Actually I just noticed that Diadora's Song and Noish's Promise are cameo from Fire Emblem Seisen no Kenfu.

Diadora's Song
Description: Armor imbued with the spirit of a girl separated from her
lover. Her sorrowful singing can be heard within it.

in FE 4 Diadora has the exact same fate.

Noish's Promise:
Description: The altered form of a young man, who transformed himself
to search for the lost soul of his true love.

Noish is a knight in FE 4.

Damn, I just discovered a link between my two favorites games ever. It's awesome.

User Info: Rainrir

5 years ago#4
You can make OB64 harder by taking the OB route and combining it with the OB64. Harsher terrain movement penalties (OB) + resting (OB64). Infinite spawning enemy units (OB), no "stupidly designed units" with mages infront and as leaders, making a positive reputation effect only with high alignment units, instead of the "range system" used in OB64 (OB). Removing Training (OB), and making revive times ultra rare (OB) while keeping the "zombie penalty" for unressurected allies (OB64).

The story of OB64 is not that inferior to FE4. OB64 is a reasonably realistic story about a chaotic revolution in a nation with its own internal fissures...if you ignore the the "magic hijacks the plot thing" towards the end (Chaos Gates, Netherworld, Ultimate Power, Demi-goddesses going berserk). FE4 story is largely a medival romance (in the old form of the word) about the rise and fall of noble families...again ignoring the "magic hijacks the plot" thing (big bad is a vessel of an evil dragon). I reckon Matsuno would have done a even better job with OB64, if he was involved (he did write the Yugoslav Wars-analog Tactics Ogre after all)

The only thing FE does have is the unexpected "twist" that turned the entire story upside down, but DQ also pull that trick 4 years before thusw game in DQ5. If you want a full on mediveal story where magic does NOT hijack the storyline (well not to the extent of the games above) done by the same guy who did FE4, and of comparable difficulty (with FE like gameplay), you should try out Berwick Saga from the ill-fated Tear Ring series (which got sued to the heavens by Nintendo due to similiar game design...despite the fact that Kato is the one who in designed FE in the first place).

One of the reason why I am lukewarm to current FE games is because how Nintendo screwed Kato over a viable independent career due to their well...greed essentially.

User Info: Paladin14x

5 years ago#5

I can't believe it took me this many years to identify the original inspiration for Noish and Diadora. It's not like I had been actively looking for it, but the comment in this topic finally spurred me to actually identify it.

User Info: bostoncelticsro

5 years ago#6
^an interesting snipet from the naoise one

They fled to Scotland, (or ***Alba*** in the Old Irish translations), i wonder what else is old irish stuff from this game now
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User Info: Biske

5 years ago#7
Not surprising. Most item names in the game come from old Nordic, Celtic, roman, greek, ect mythology.

Good finds Pally.
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User Info: FoxyAreku

5 years ago#8
Is that the fire emblem where you play like 6 really long chapters with one group, then the game actually starts?

I played that once. Was pretty cool, the parent to child system was indeed neat.
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User Info: Bigmac909

5 years ago#9
FYI, FE4 is also incredibly easy. But still a fantastic game, and regarded as the best in the series usually. It's definitely the most simulate Fire Emblem to this game.
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