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User Info: pslock

9 years ago#11
I doubt it. Omikron 2 was announced as a possible PS3 title, but then Quantic cancelled it to work on Hard Rain.
I love Omikron, but man Fahrenheit was pretty weak and Hard Rain just looks like self-indulgent, tech-demo crap without the heart or passion of Omikron.
So..maybe it's best that Omikron 2 might never be.

User Info: wigsplittr

9 years ago#12
i would love to see an omikron 2, but you make total sense. i don't want a sequel that will be so bad it ruins my love for the first one.

User Info: DianeSELWYN2001

9 years ago#13
*the quest for a post on every board*

User Info: wigsplittr

9 years ago#14
checking in.

User Info: romainsimoni

9 years ago#15
I remember liking this game back then (and forcing myself because magazines were telling it was the second coming), now when I actually remember parts of the game, it's straight down horrendous. Still the nostalgia is here.

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