Very Weird Game?

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User Info: PsoneRPG

9 years ago#1
I don't Know about everyone else,
But this Game Was Just Awesome.

I played both the pc and Dreamcast Versions
i liked how you could posses other peoples souls,

i heard there where holding back on the secong one for the xbox360 and ps3 because of a game called heavy rain,

I believe they are doing heavy rain first so they can get a good grasp on the technology of the ps3 and xbox 360,

So I Am guessing it will be twice as good as the first,

Somethings i would like to see in the game are,

Able to Posses Anyone's Body

Complete Day and Night Cycle

Open World go anywhere anytime

Great Combat

Great Shooting

i would also like to see it have a first person and 3rd person view that you could switch between the whole game.

User Info: Vyse_skies

9 years ago#2
I agree. I loved the nomad soul. It had a great story that was interesting and kept you on the edge of your seat. Sure the game had numerous faults. But the way it inter-weaved combat, fps, exploration and interrogation sections was just brilliance. The changing body gimmick was unique and cool. I'd love to see another. It would be totally awesome.
Yu won't let us down. Shenmue 3 will soon be on the shelves and ready to play.

User Info: PsoneRPG

9 years ago#3
Yeah i think Omikron 2 karma is suppose to come out in 2009, FOR THE x360
But you know they will prob push it back til december 09. I would expect it around fall of next year.
i don't know why they would put a crap game ahead of it i mean sure that game there making for the ps3 will most likely be good as indigo prophecy, but Omikron was like the best game they ever developed.

User Info: Vyse_skies

9 years ago#4
I know. Hope it don't get delayed but if it does then thats just typical. The 360 haw wonderful capabilities and i'm hoping they will make Omikron 2 like no other game we have seen while still managing to keep everything that was great about the first one.

PsoneRPG, most people I talk to don't like Omikron, they say that the graphics suck when compared to GTA:SA (this was a while ago so its the older GTA). I said that its the gameplay that truly counts ot the Visuals, they didn't listen. But they are fools and don't know what they're missing.

We know a true gem when we see it right!? :-)
Yu won't let us down. Shenmue 3 will soon be on the shelves and ready to play.

User Info: PsoneRPG

8 years ago#5
Right On,

When this game first came out it had great graphics,i do understand that in the begining they where coding it for the psx but it all changed and it never got released for the psx,

But if people call thereselves real gamers they would understand this is one of the best games made,I mean it ranks up there with Ocarina of time and Shenmue 1 to me.

Does anyone remember the questionable sex shop in Omikron,
Or How you could go to strip joints and pay to view the ladies Dance That was crazy.

User Info: Vyse_skies

8 years ago#6
Lol. Yeah i remember that. Never actually paid though. Watching computer polygons dance around a pole never really turned me on. lol.

What was your most favorite part of the game? I liked the shopping mall. FPS action, and a fighter at the end to finish it off. Awsome gaming.

As for Ocarina- i hated it with a passion, it was slow and boring.
Shenmue- This still stands for me as the greatest game ever concieved.
FF7- Had to mention it. Its over hyped/rated but still its pretty good.
Yu won't let us down. Shenmue 3 will soon be on the shelves and ready to play.

User Info: PsoneRPG

8 years ago#7
My favorite part of the game was actually the start of the game as you played as the cop,
and had to investigate about the murder of your buddy,i also like going to the morgue and seeing the dead body and that weird machine that would poke and porbe them,.

And it wasnt the fact of looking at the dancers cause they where but ugly i just think it was a cool idea and the first console game to have something like that,

And for ocarina of time,the slow pace of the game actually goes away if you get into the story and are thinking about what to do next,I am telling it is pretty much the best game ever made,

Most people don't want to give it the credit it deserves but i have played thousands of games,
and i like a hell of a lot of differant games but there is just something about that one,
It had ton of things to do after i got the 3 sacred stones i actually thought it was the end of the game then when i found out about all the other stuff i was like man this is a huge game,

Also Majoras Mask is a very Noteworthy game in the zelda series,

I dont know about you but i am still hoping for a ocarina of time remake for the wii with updated graphics and new dungeons even a DS Version would be sweat,I know they did it with mario 64 why not zelda.Also the twilight princess was a great game but it didnt live up to ocarina of time i did not like that fact that i had to be a wolf link that was just stupid to me,and the musical score wasnt half as good,I would go as far to say that the Wind waker was a more solid title, I guess us wii owners just got a scrap of poop left over from the gamecube,But i do Know there is a zelda coming to the wii soon so i am hoping it is a remake or Direct sequel to ocarina of time.

User Info: Vyse_skies

8 years ago#8
Yeah, Omikron did it first and it was a cool idea and highly original. The cop part was great, too. You find out that your wife has been killed and that a demon has taken her. Then later tries to kill you. Awesone.

I did complete ocarina, but just didn't like it. The water temple took forever aswell. But i respect your opinion.

For me Shenmue had everthing that i would want to make the most perfect game, each section was well though out and suited the game well. Plus i have an interest in Japanese/Chinese culture so that helped me to feel connected some how with the game itself.

I did like Majoras Mask though. Played it on my Gamecube but it stalled once during a lengthy dungeon and corrupted my save file (i was not pleased). Never played it again. I really should.

I do prefer the FF series to the Zelda series, giving special mention to FF8.

Yu won't let us down. Shenmue 3 will soon be on the shelves and ready to play.

User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#9
I'm playing it for the first time and I must say that I think the fusion of genres, although pretty rough, works far better for me those used in Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophesy (a game I ended up hating). The FPS sections are the least good part, mostly down to the awful control system.

But why did they lumber this decent and interesting story with ****** demons? Every damned game I've played recently seems to resort to these types of supernatural foes whether it's appropriate or not. Action/adventure games designers and not just Japanese ones it appears seem to be obsessed with demons!

One other thing I don't like is the lack of reward in some areas. I've just arrived in Janpuar (or however it's spelt) and found that it's much more explorable than the first two city areas. You can climb and jump to lots of interesting looking places but there is absolutely nothing on the rooftops - no pickups, no fights, no alternative or hidden routes. Lost opportunity.

Still playing this makes me much more interested in the sound of Omikron 2 than I am in the hyped Heavy Rain. Nomad Soul is a good game, not a great game but I can see that a great game could be created from the ideas used in it. I hope that proves true.

User Info: Vyse_skies

8 years ago#10
You pointed out some key flaws Greybeard. But I reckon an Omikron 2 would improve upon most of these problems. It has to if it wants any chance of competing against all the leading runners. But still Omikron is so different i didnt think the flaws mattered much.
Yu won't let us down. Shenmue 3 will soon be on the shelves and ready to play.

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