how do you get celebi and mew???

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User Info: bedog99049

8 years ago#1
does anyone know how to get celebi and mew in pokemon gold?

User Info: DragonAtma

8 years ago#2
Easy: you don't.
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User Info: bedog99049

8 years ago#3
okay...why not?

User Info: greeniceman111

8 years ago#4
Because there event pokemon, Mew is Event only in RBY and Celibi is Event only In GSC( Crystal only in Japan) to get Mew use the Mew glitch in RBY and trade it. Or you could use a Gameshark to hack him in. You need to hack Celebi to get one.
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User Info: Renegade

8 years ago#5
From Donald's FAQ.

Here is the ONLY PROVEN WAY to get Celebi, brought to you
by the Pokemon Gold board’s very own Son of TMOG and used with

TMOG's Celebi Guide
Step One: Fill your Pokedex with 250 Pokemon.

Step Two: Defeat the Elite Four.

Step Three: Talk to Professor Elm.

Step Four: Fly to Goldenrod City.

Step Five: Heal in the Pokemon Center.

Step Six: Take the train to Kanto.

Step Seven: Fly to Lavender Town.

Step Eight: Enter the Pokemon Funeral House and talk to the
woman who says she loved her Pokemon like children.

Step Nine: Fly to Saffron City.

Step Ten: Take the train to Johto.

Step Eleven: Head north to Ecruteak City; DO NOT ENTER THE

Step Twelve: Go to the Burned Tower, in the exact spot you
released the Gerbils.

Step Thirteen: Use an Escape Rope.

Step Fourteen: Go to the Tin Tower, where you found Ho-oh.

Step Fifteen: Save your game and turn it off.

Step Sixteen: Buy a GameShark and use that to obtain Celebi.

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User Info: IAmNotThePope

8 years ago#6
There's a video on YouTube that shows a way you can supposedly get Celebi through a glitch. I haven't tried it so I can't vouch whether it works or not. Looks like it has the potential to screw up your data if you do it wrong though.

There is a way to obtain Mew with a glitch on Red, Blue, and Yellow versions, that I have seen actually work with my own eyes. You can trade them to Gold after that.

User Info: IAmNotThePope

8 years ago#7
Okay, I tried the Celebi glitch as shown in the above video I linked to, and I can't get it to work. I tried it numerous times with no success, leading me to believe that the video is fake, but I can't be sure about that.

User Info: BEyesUltimateD

8 years ago#8
IIRC the Mew glitch is available for viewing in the sticky topic on this board... you know, the one that says READ THIS BEFORE POSTING in big capital letters. :p
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