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User Info: _Apep_

9 years ago#1
1) I can give each pokemon 10 of each stat booster (HP UP, CALCIUM, ect) right?
2) Is it better to give the stat boosters to a pokemon as soon as possible?
3) If I use rare candies and the stat boosters can I still have max stats?

I had some more questions but I can't think of them right now
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User Info: Element-17

9 years ago#2
1) Up to10; it depends how much stat exp the Pokémon already has.
2) No difference in the end.
3) Rare Candies neither hinder nor benefit stats in the end.

If you don't know what stat experience is, look it up.
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User Info: _Apep_

9 years ago#3
If you don't know what stat experience is, look it up.

K thanks for the quick reply and no I have no clue what stat exp is so I will look it up. Haven't played this game in so long
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User Info: _Apep_

9 years ago#4
K I can't find what stat experience is so I'm dumb. If anyone could take some time and explain this to me that would be great.

Anyways what would be the best all around team? I know that their really isn't a best team but you know... Is this a good one or would you change it around?

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User Info: Liikala

9 years ago#5
I'll teach you everything you'll need to know about Stat Exp, but it might get complex, so I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. Even if you don't understand everything, it'll help you out.

But first, a quick word of advice: don't listen to what Nintendo tells you.

Stat Exp is a number that starts at 0 and can reach up to 65025 (FFFF in hexadecimals). Everytime you KO a pokemon, you gain a little bit of Stat Exp. Every pokemon and every stat has an individual amount of Stat Exp. Now what does it do? Well, it it one of two parts that determine your stats. The maximum stats at level 100 range from the maximum, down to 93 less. Stat Exp will get you 63 of those points.

Here's the formula. Keep in mind, that if you test anything, by using the formula, that you always round down, even if the number is 63.999, you round down to 63.

Extra points = ((Square Root (Stat Exp - 1)) + 1) * level / 400

By looking at this formula, these extra 63 points come are determined by level and Stat Exp. Lower level pokemon can't earn 63 points, because as level decreases, a smaller number (the level) is multiplied. A pokemon can earn roughly 31.99 (round down) extra points in each stat per 50 levels. You can also find out that you don't necessarily have to reach 65025 to get maxed out extra points, for example, a Level 100 only needs 63002 Stat Exp to reach 63 extra points.

So how much exactly is Stat Exp increased by? Well, everytime you KO a pokemon you gain their base stats, as Stat Exp. In other words, if you KO a Raticate, you gain Raticate's Base HP as Stat Exp for your HP, Raticate's Attack as Stat Exp for your Attack, and so forth. Is this a lot? Well if you look at Mew's Base Stats, it has 100 in all 5, and if you need to get around 60000 Stat Exp, that's a lot of pokemon to KO.

Fortunately, vitamins such as Calcium, and Iron help out a lot. Each one gives you 2550 Stat Exp of it's coordinating stat (Carbos increases speed, so it will give you 2550 Stat Exp for speed). And as you've probably noticed, you can't give them infinite vitamins. This is because when a stat has reached 25500 Stat Exp, it can no longer take that vitamin. Now 25500 out of 60000ish may only seem like a little bit, but if you sub it into the formula, that's 40 of the 63 stat points already (if you're level 100). The remaining stat points, you will have to earn by KOing pokemon. The easiest way is beating the Elite Four repeatedly. And if you calculate all the Base Stats of all the pokemon in the Elite Four, you'll find out you need to beat them 20 times with only that pokemon. It takes a long time, but it's the fastest way to max out your pokemon's stats.
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User Info: Liikala

9 years ago#6
And that's how Stat Exp works, but you're probably wondering that if there are 93 points to gain, and Stat Exp gives you 63 of those, where do the other 30 come from.

Those come from what are called "Deter Values", or commonly shortformed to DVs. DVs are unchangeable, permanent numbers for every stat of every pokemon. When you see a wild pokemon, their DVs are randomly generated. There is a DV for each stat of every pokemon, similar to Stat Exp, but DVs only range from 0 to 15 (or up to F if you're using hexadecimals). These determine the remaining 30 extra points, but unless you get 15 for a certain stat, it can't reach the absolute maximum. This fact means getting a perfect pokemon, with maximum stats in all 5 stats, is incredibly rare.

DVs increase the stat by 1 per 50 levels. So when you're at Level 100, and your Attack DV is 7 (for example), you will get 14 extra points.

One other important thing is the HP DV. It is not randomly generated per se, but it is made up of the other 4 DVs. This is how it's made up.

If the Attack DV's value is odd, increase the HP DV by 8.
If the Defense DV's value is odd, increase the HP DV by 4.
If the Speed DV's value is odd, increase the HP DV by 2.
If the Special DV's value is odd, increase the HP DV by 1.

And since they have to be odd, and 15 is perfect, it is possible to have 15 in all 5 stats.
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User Info: Liikala

9 years ago#7
Now that we know all this information, let me clear up some common myths and answer some questions.

Q1) Are Rare Candies bad?

A1) No not at all. In fact, it's best to use them. Rare candies only do one thing, and that is increase your level by 1. The reason why a pokemon that has only been leveled up by Rare candies have low stats is because they haven't KOed any pokemon, which means they haven't gotten any Stat Exp. And Stat Exp can be obtained at any time, so that means you can still get the stats just as high. Normally, you can only get the Stat Exp calculated towards your stats if you level up, but if you deposit a pokemon, and withdraw it, the Stat Exp is calculated, which includes level 100s. This also means you may have to do additional training with your level 100s to get all the Stat Exp you need.

Q2) My pokemon's stats don't increase as much if I use vitamins early. Why?

A2) This is because when you use vitamins, you already increased the Stat Exp by a large amount, and it will take longer to get more. When you train pokemon without using vitamins, they gain lots of Stat Exp by themselves, so it only appears that they are getting higher stats, but it is not true.

Q3) So what is the fastest way to get Stat Exp maxed out?

A3) Use vitamins to reach 25500, and get all the remaining points at the Elite Four. It's recommended to use Rare Candies to reach level 100, so you have an easier time KOing all of the opponents. You will have to beat the Elite Four 20 times to max them out. Alternatively, run around in the Cerulean Cave, and gain Stat Exp by KOing wild pokemon.

Q4) If the DVs are randomly generated, how will I ever get perfect pokemon?

A4) It's incredibly rare, and there's not much you can do about it. Generally, catch a bunch of the same species of pokemon, check the stats to find out the DVs, and pick the one that you like the most. It's also good to focus on pokemon's higher stats, for example, an Electrode you train should have its Speed DV at 15, since Electrode is chosen for its high speed.

Q5) How am I going to be able to calculate the DVs?

A5) There is a complex formula, but I've created a DV Calculator that can calculate these stat very quick. Download it at

Q6) Why is it best to use vitamins early?

A6) Vitamins only work up to 25500 Stat Exp, so you aren't able to use them later. You might as well use them early, since it's basically like having free Stat Exp.

Q7) Is there a master formula for determining stats?

A7) Yes, here they are (and don't forget to always round down). HP is for HP, and Stat is for the other 4 stats.

HP = (Base stat +DV + 50) * level / 50 + 10 + Extra points from Stat Exp

Stat = (Base stat + DV) * level / 50 + 5 + Extra points from Stat Exp

So that should cover basically everything there is about Stats. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

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User Info: Liikala

9 years ago#8
*pant* *pant* *pant*
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User Info: _Apep_

9 years ago#9
^ O_O All I can say is holy **** dude thank you so much. Im sure I will have more question to ask as I start my game over.
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User Info: _Apep_

9 years ago#10
If I trade my Pikachu from yellow to blue and then back to yellow will it still follow me?
What about if I trade a Pikachu from red to yellow will it follow me?
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