Mew Glitch???

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User Info: foxkit1998

8 years ago#1
i reeeeally want Mew but i just got the game so i dunno how to get one,but i heard theres a glitch to get does one preform this glitch???
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User Info: Blaziken_rjcf

8 years ago#2
gamefaqs now comes with a search function
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

8 years ago#3
gamefaqs now comes with faqs
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User Info: RPGdude29

8 years ago#4
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

8 years ago#5
You never even bothered to search. Obviously the answer is not going to come to you by itself.
<3 glitchy

User Info: RPGdude29

8 years ago#6

how can you say i didnt search i went there and searched for like 1/2 an hour all over the place and it didn't say anything about the glitch. so if you have a url then give it to me and if not then gamefaqs does not have the answer. so try another excuse about your stupid comment.

User Info: Blaziken_rjcf

8 years ago#7
it took me 5 seconds to find the answer
although i'm going to assume you dont have the red board as your favorite so...
6 seconds
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User Info: thepunchline

8 years ago#8

here is a video detailing it. there are also 4 other ways, but they all more or less are based off the same trainers
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User Info: Gunbladelad

8 years ago#9
Taken from the Sticky topic (Which is WHY it's called "25 things ALL users should know"...)

1) The Mew Glitch (Or "The biggest news in years!!!")
There are many rumours on the Internet on how to get Mew. Many of these seem to revolve around a truck near the SS Anne. All of these rumours are false.
You CAN catch Mew using a glitch. This was on April 19th 2003. I'll list how to get 2 before you fight Misty. For more information, refer to the Mew Glitch FAQ by TheScythe. The method I list here is the "Kevdude" technique.

1. Defeat all the trainers on Nugget Bridge, but do NOT fight the trainer in the grass to the left of the bridge, or the first trainer in Misty's Gym. (Don't beat Misty either)

2. Catch an Abra in the grass to the left, and place this in your party. (Yellow owners will need to see Bill first to catch an Abra in the grass around the Day-Care!) Go to directly above the trainer in the grass, making sure he's off screen. Save now as you won't be able to risk saving until after you get the first Mew.

3. Step towards the trainer, and the instant he appears, press start. Teleport back to Cerulean City. Time it right and the exclamation mark won't appear until the Teleport animation kicks in.

4. Your buttons won't work, so go to Misty's Gym and fight the first trainer, letting him swim to you. After the battle heal up (if required) and get ready to catch a level 7 Mew. {NOTE : It's been brought to my attention that talking to anyone after the battle has a very small chance of causing the game to exit the "Mew Glitch Mode", so do take care.)

5. Head back towards Nugget Bridge again. Your menu will come up by itself. Simply press B to fight your first Mew. Save after catching it if you want.

6. Now clear a way to the youngster with a Slowpoke facing up the way (He's also the first trainer facing up the way). He's your next target for another Mew. Do NOT fight him yet. (Yellow owners will have already been this way, and should have went below him.)

7. Go to do the teleport thing again with the trainer in the grass to the left, but this time make your way to the youngster. IMPORTANT - he MUST walk to you, so go to the top before going in front of him.

8. Head back to Cerulean City after the battle, and in the same spot as before the second Mew will appear. Catch him to be the proud owner of 2 Mews. Use them as you like.

2) The Ditto Glitch (or "The Clone wars")
This was by far the most common question a while ago, as it's mentioned in TheScythe's FAQ, but he doesn't have it in it's own section, making it easy to miss. Here's how to do it.

Get a Pokemon with the Special Value you want to use (21 is for Mew). Use a Gameshark Modifier list to find the correct "Special" stat you want. To convert this into Decimal (i.e. - a number that humans - not computers use), simply go into the Windows Calculator's Scientific mode and click the "hex" button. Enter the Gameshark modifier value, and then click the "Dec" button. Instant conversion. (It is easy enough to convert manually once you know how, but most casual users won't want to know how.)

Do the Teleport (ANY "Go to pokemon Centre" move can work, as long as there's a trainer who challenges you from across the screen) thing.

Fight ANY trainer who walks towards you.

Go to any place you can fight a Wild Ditto, and get one to transform into the pokemon with the Special value you want. Now finish the battle however you want.

Go to one of the "Trigger" points (Nugget Bridge, Saffron City east Exit, Lavender West Exit, Cinnabar Jetty (Left of the Gym) - there are probably other ones as well, but these are the ones I've personally used) to fight the pokemon determined by the special value.
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