how do i get cut from where i am!

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User Info: minimcfadden

8 years ago#1
i have beat misty and ive been to the next gym, but to be able to get to the next gym i need cut!, and it wont let me back into the previous city which i belive it is in, the ledges are in the way!, i cant get back so i cant get cought! wtf am i supposed to do?!?!?!?!?!!?!

User Info: Liikala

8 years ago#2
Read an FAQ. Better yet, explore the game.
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User Info: eregress87

8 years ago#3
Explore the game orrrr...

Go back to Cerulean dont worry you CAN get back there... then go north of the city over a bridge and then go left to Bills House. There'll be a lot of trainers.

Then once you see Bill go down to Vermillion and towards the south east of the city is a runway to the SS Anne.

Find your way through the SS Anne and you'll eventually come across your rival and through the next room you rub the captains back and get Cut

User Info: Gunbladelad

8 years ago#4
Again, it helps to actually help people.

Head north to Bill's house to get the SS Anne ticket (I'm sure you can figure out what to do when you're there...)

The police Officer in front of the house above Misty's Gym will move away from the door once you have the ticket.

Head through, and head south.

At the bottom of the next route, there's an entrance to an underground passage. Head through, and keep going down when you leave.

Welcome to the next town. There's a pier at the very bottom-right of the town. Guess where the SS-Anne is berthed.

Once you have cut, remember to head through Diglett's Cave to get FLASH from just below Pewter City. Untill you get FLY or SURF, this is the only way back to the early areas.
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User Info: minimcfadden

8 years ago#5
btw i already had the ss ticket and already beat misty and already had been in the ss ship, just didnt go ev ery where

User Info: Liikala

8 years ago#6
Again, it helps to actually help people.

We already had this discussion, and you're clearly not winning it.
- The guy who asked if he was a PotDer.

User Info: Gommma

8 years ago#7
Again, it helps to actually help people.

Why? Do you get a prize? I want a prize too!

User Info: gbchaosmaster

8 years ago#8
You wanna know what's worse than starting an argument? Restarting it after losing it earlier.

We already know your stance, so what's the point? Attempt to insistingly annoy us to the point of appeasing you over ignoring our logical views? You know what that is called on the internet, don't you?

User Info: hylianarmy

8 years ago#9
^^ "Trolling," right?
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